Not again no more Dosido Please!

Dosido is being added into other strains Why the dosido strain is weak as they come will never grow it again and by crossing it with other strains Will not make me want to grow it with Dosido as a parent strain !

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What is the issue with it? I was thinking of getting some???

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I’m wondering the same, as I’m growing a cross between do si do x gcse

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i have got these seeds in :grin: 28-30% thc


Looks good to me :+1:

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I grew 5 DoSiDo and everyone of them had almost no buzz to it Very pretty buds but No kick It was a waste of time and money to grow !


Holy crapola :thinking: , thats weird aye,
I guess it could be lots of different reasons why that happend ?
Hopefully these original Sensible Seeds version is what it says it is.
28% - 30% THC :crossed_fingers:

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Dosido photo was my first grow (outside).

I felt it was ok and used mainly for edibles. Did what I needed for sleep but i decided to try something different going forward.

I’m sure any problems with my grow and harvest was due to my errors. Again it was my first grow.


Different sttokes for different folks. Sorry to hear Dos-Si-Do didnt do it for ya. Nothing worse than investing all that time and effort and coming up short.

    Dont know that feeling, hope we never do.

Good luck next grow, may it be plentiful and potent.

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