Not a beginner but plants dying on me lately…

Hi There,
I successfully completed 4 growths , autoflower in hydro and started a new auto WW CBD, but the plant suddenly died 1month into the growth……2nd and 3rd WWCBD instead died after 2nd week.
I followed same steps and fertilizing schedule as the successful growths, but I cannot figure out why. It seems the plants die after either a water change or when I up the fertilizer. I use 1/3 of the recommended foxfarm amount, in RO water. PH always between 5.8-6.1 Using a quantum led board 125Rspec.

Any suggestions/opinions are welcome!
Picture here:

Fill this out please.

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Toss that little girl is some organic soil. Let her thrive and grow big. :wink:
Happy growing…