Nostril's Next: 5 outdoors in fabric pots


Gold Leaf trichs:


OG Kush trichs:


To my eye, these all look done or mostly done. GSC maybe the least, along with Gold Leaf. But do you all think they have three weeks in them, until I return from my trip? If not, I need to cut tomorrow.

I was thinking that I might selectively harvest like @Big123 is doing. Maybe cut a cola or two off of each before the trip and hope for the best upon return…?


It’s your call, I would let the Gold Leaf go longer, grew one last year, let her go til she looked like this:


One more GL shot from last year…


Thoughts on the trich photos in general? Am I seeing what’s not there, or are they mostly or fully cloudy? I’m leaning towards a cola or two off of each tomorrow. Then the rest in 3 weeks.


It’s a tough call as they really pump out the resin, gain weight and firm up when they’re finishing the last 10-14 days. It would likely be some good daytime herb if you chopped colas tomorrow in their prime.

I think you would be better off chopping closer to 9/26 and let them thicken up more, they could easily hang out in the dark drying for 10 days while you’re away.

You’re in the harvest window, however, you will surely lose weight and some potency in my humble opinion on what you chop tomorrow.


I agree they are milky and are technically ripe but if you want the couch lock you can selectively harvest some now and wait till you get back for the rest that way you have both bases covered


Thanks all. My main issue is it’s either tomorrow or 19 days from now. That’s the decision. If I could cut in 10-14 days I’d totally be all over it. But since I leave in 9 days and I’m gone for 10, I need to cut now if I’m to dry and jar before I go. I asked Mrs. Nostril if she’d cut and hang the whole plants 5 days before I return. Her face told me she would, but begrudgingly. I would like to avoid that if possible.

I think a double harvest is somewhat useful as insurance. I don’t consume much.


If the wife will be home man dint harvest the whole thing. Take a quo or a half for your trip then have your wife hang them up for you. Video chat her and wall her thru it. Ten days your smoke could completely change.
I’d be patient if possible you’ve already put in the hard works might as well get best apples possible from the tree. My opinion though. Every thing does like good and trich look pretty cloudy.

P.s. also depends on type of smoke you want as well couch lock combination or clear high


Og kush is done in my opinion. Maybe the first couple pics too. What about pulling them and letting others go?


I have procured a friend who will plan to cut them 5 days prior to my return. That would be 14 days from today. I still plan to cut a cola from each plant tomorrow morning just in case things go awry while I’m gone.


I’m hoping someone will be keeping an eye out for bugs for you. I’ve had some caterpillar’s recently.


Have them keep you updated on the pistols and trich while you’re gone too. So you can chose to harvest earlier or later


Since I am here until next Wednesday, I can watch for pests and care for my girls. They’d only be “on their own” for 5 days before he cuts and hangs them, so hopefully they’ll manage.

I’ve considered just watering them heavily the day I leave and carting them into my dark harvest shed where they’d sit for 3-4 days in the dark before I have him cut them. But that seems risky.


priorities man! why u have to plan trips during harvest? :crazy_face:


@hangthebanksters it’s a pretty sweet trip so it’s worth it this time around. But I agree… too much stress.

OK, I plucked the top half of the most mature cola on each plant. At a minimum, it will allow me to compare early vs. late harvest and see if I really sense any difference (trying them blind). It also provides a minimum of insurance against problems or over ripening while I’m gone. And finally, it let me see deep inside the buds and realize that they should be OK for a couple more weeks.

Gold Leaf actually looks the farthest along from trichomes, oddly enough. She has amber mixed in all the way down to the lowest part that I cut. OG Kush has a bit of clear that low, so I think that one can wait until after I’m back to cut. The others are a mixed bag and I’ll play it by ear.

Photos of the little bit I cut, and of the plants after they’ve been cut. Barely looks like anything has changed. I think this was a good idea for my peace of mind.


Bravo, they look beautiful, well grown!


What a great job man!


Hi @nostril those buds looks gorgeous bro!!! Well done!!!