Nostril's Next: 5 outdoors in fabric pots


Heh, no doubt. Swelling by the day - fun to watch that one. Gold Leaf is taking off as well.

Here they are this morning, backlit by the sun. Definitely some weight getting packed on. Gold Leaf, OG Kush, GSC, and Big Bud in that order.


how stinky are your gals?


It smells great down there. They aren’t so strong that they’re blowing up towards the house yet, but our primary breezes blow away from the house, so that may be why.


Your garden looks lovely. very peaceful neighborhood. :+1:t2:


Another of Big Bud this morning. Sizing up!


Meanwhile, I found bud rot this morning on one of the three I still have outside. :frowning: The smallest one. Thankfully I have two monster clones of it indoors.


Man, sorry to hear it. Did you get it cut out?


I did - I expect more will show up though. I have so many full jars right now it’s not a huge deal to me… but variety is the spice of life and two of the strains I have outside I haven’t tried before.


Good luck @Bogleg. May the force be with you!


Looking really nice, @nostril. I’m probably wrong but I think I remember seeing that you are in California (I am in Nor Cal).


@Ian420 yep, also in NorCal.

@Bogleg, I get it. I’m about to compost some of my flower but nobody wants to lose anything to rot. It’s a disappointment no matter what.


@nostril good stuff! Been really windy here the last few days…


I’m watching! Looking great :+1:


GSCX showing off. I’ve been chatting with @Big123 and @hangthebanksters in another thread and am concerned about harvest considering an upcoming trip. I’ll get some trich photos uploaded soon but wanted to get these out here first. Definitely my prettiest plant.


Beautiful buds, love the colors, she does need more time for sure.


Big Bud:

Gold Leaf (can you say trichomes?):


Those look pretty good as well!


How far along is Big Bud? It will definitely be done well before the Gold Leaf.

There’s a New Moon coming 10/9/2018, a great time to harvest if all looks ready.


Big Bud trichs:


GSC trichs: