Nostril's Next: 5 outdoors in fabric pots


Outdoor plant. Temperatures have been relatively comfortable. Low 80s during the day with daytime humidity around 35-45%. Nighttime lows are around 50 with higher humidity (obviously).

Researching before posting, it looks like heat/low humidity is often the culprit but some have said magnesium deficiency might cause it as well. Considering all of my other plants are growing without this symptom (including the clone of this exact plant), I am just concerned it’s something related to watering or soil. That said, they’re all on the same watering/fertilization schedule.

I don’t think it looks terrible, but I want to treat her well.


I would have to agree.


Next watering I’ll treat her with a little calmag and see if it helps. Otherwise I’ll just stay vigilant.


I think that’s a solid plan. Do you have any Epsom salts? Dissolved in water should help without dumping any extra nitrogen in. And the sulfur probably wouldn’t hurt either.


have you measured UVB and UVC levels? I have been paying attention to higher than normal ultra violet levels that are measured in my area. We arent even supposed to have UVC penetrate the ionosphere so ANY levels of UVC are extremely disruptive to flora and fauna. My outdoor girls that are not under the 40% shade net show similar leaf curling. I am totally on top of the grow so I know its not nutes, pests, soil or water…


I haven’t measured any UV levels. Interesting, though. I am going to do the calmag treatments first and see if there is any difference. She’s still budding up nicely, but I’d like these last 5-6 weeks to be happy times for her.


Today was a feeding day, added a little molasses and the calmag. Big Bud is now showing some mild cupping as well, so perhaps it’s environmental after all.

GSCX mini clone:


OG Kush:

Gold Leaf, colas getting thicker on this one, which was lagging the others:

Jack Herer Auto just about to enter flower - should be a tiny yielder which is fine:


We are far enough along in flowering that I thought it was worthwhile to get out the camera that isn’t attached to a phone and do some bud photos. They’re looking pretty happy.

Big Bud


OG Kush

Gold Leaf


FWIW, Jack Herer continues to accelerate with growth and appears to be entering early flowering. For an auto, this seems like it took a while - 6 weeks. I’m glad, since she was slow to get moving, and I wanted some size before flowering began. I should have enough time for her to finish outdoors, but if not I can put her in the garden shed under a light worst case.


Awesome looking pics!


@nostril Your girls are looking really awesome!!! Love the bud shots. Can’t wait to see what the next few weeks bring. Good luck!!!


Big Bud up early.


Looking good!


Noobie, LST?


Outstanding pics!


Low Stress Training. Basically, bending but not creasing or breaking branches in order to create a shape that maximizes sun/light exposure. The plant doesn’t have to spring back from the stress of topping but you can still get some of the benefits. I did both - topped a few times and tied down the branches to create bushy but wide plants.


That’s the trouble I’m having with my Aurora indica. It got eaten by my Great Dane. Picked almost clean. Came back strong. Very up and down plant. Very dense and thick. Any suggestions?


Oh, sounds like yours is GDT. Great Dane Trained. If it’s bushing up, you’re probably in good shape. Still in veg? If so, make sure you’re feeding well and wait until it’s full before flipping. If it’s outdoor and already flowering, I guess just keep the dog away! :grinning:


The dog is now miles from my grow. Makes things simple. I visit my babies twice a week. Outdoors in MA. Got a few weeks or so to go. Thank you.


Well that’s an appropriately named strain, isn’t it?