Nostril's Next: 5 outdoors in fabric pots


It’s basically a bud that forms out of a bud. Generally something you’ll see mid to late flower by buds spitting out an abundance of new pistils in random spots, usually near top of plant.


All the ladies look good. Today a praying mantis stopped by to help rid pests. They came around last year too. Ladybug purchase soon.


Today I’ve started to use my acid whey from yogurt making to my feedings. I’ve used it with good success on my citrus trees and tomatoes in the past, but with my high pH water it’s potentially a great addition to the ladies. Acid whey has the benefit of lowering pH and promoting microbial growth, and is also full of nutrients. In theory, the girls should love it. We’ll see how it goes and I’ll report here.


Please keep me posted on your progress. Might be something that I could use next year :blush:


Big Bud has been yellowing and dropping a lot of lower leaves for the last month. I’m a bit concerned about her. She’s being fed Big Bloom and Tiger Bloom on a reasonable schedule and is being watered like the others. Something to watch. Jack Herer has been painfully slow and being an auto, will likely be quite small and low yielding considering how long this is taking. Other plants look good, though.

Big Bud:

Jack Herer Next grow

Any thoughts here about whether I should start doing some kind of support? Too late to cage, as the plants have sized up. I was hoping that going with bushes would be self-supporting but some of these colas are pretty long and cantilevered out due to veg-time LST work.

I noticed in another thread that @DaGoose said he lost a plant due to lack of support. I definitely want to avoid that if possible.

I could stake into the pots and tie up, but can’t think of other methods that will still allow me to move the plants if/when necessary.


Also - I was cleaning up some lower leaves and shoots today and saw this on two plants. It came off with insecticidal soap, but any thoughts on what I’m seeing (black spots)?

Edit: better shot.


Hi @nostril! Just was this. Yes, I had a plant split where at the y from the first topping. Watched it happen. Then tried to zip tie it back together and all of the branches snapped off the main stem. I’m using bamboo stakes and zip ties to make cages. Here’s a few of them if this helps at all.

I added the cross supports as needed for now. Will make adjustments as they grow. Before making the cages I zip tied the opposing branches so connected in the middle of the plant to prevent any severe strain at the joints.


kinda looks like caterpillar poop.


Thanks. Yeah, I checked for them and/or damage but no dice. I sprayed bt anyway. Plants look fine, anyway.


Jack Herer Auto (first pic) is finally starting to grow a bit, but I’m still thinking it’s too little too late. Big Bud (second pic) still losing some lower leaves - not sure what, if anything to do here. OG Kush, GSCX, and Gold Leaf (next photos, in order) all look good to me.


Update on the whey: the plants receiving whey have a soil pH between 5.3 and 5.5. The plants without (clone and Jack) are at 6.9.