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I moved Amnesia to another part of the yard to provide some separation from the healthier plants. They are looking pretty good. I’m going to start LSTing them today. I don’t want huge main colas.


I can’t believe I just now found this thread!

Have you applied anything to the plant that’s been eaten? I applied SM-90 on my outdoor plants - still ended up with what appears to be spider mites on some… just applied neem oil to them on Friday and all seem to be okay.

Since you haven’t seen the culprit, any chance it’s a night time eater?


@Bogleg, I thought I had bt in the shed but I must have finished it. I still haven’t put anything on that plant, but am running out today to the garden store to pick up some stuff. Not sure they’ll have SM-90 but I’ll check. If not, Amazon to the rescue.

I did move that plant away yesterday and will check it in a bit. I have to leave everything for another week and a half starting this weekend, so I would like to set my mind at ease that things are under control.

All this leaving my plants reminds me of you!


Hah! Yeah, it was crazy with the travel for awhile. Now I haven’t traveled for a month! It’s been awesome.


Began spinosad and bt treatments yesterday. LST on all plants except the surprise auto Amnesia.


Returned from a week long camping trip. Everything is OK. I don’t notice any new damage from the biters, but plan to reapply spinosad and bt today.

Amnesia has to be an accidental auto in my bag. I wonder if the rest are autos as well. Either way, it’s flowering nicely.


Amnesia buds are fattening. Everything is looking good for now.


All is well. Amnesia maturing and continuing to swell up.


Thick and chunky, just the way we like them! Nice work!


For the others:

Big Bud


Gold Leaf

OG Kush (sadly a broken branch from LST that was a little too HST, just noticed today)




Amnesia is mostly cloudy. I’m going to continue to wait on her because the buds don’t look as mature as I’d like. This is my first time with ruderalis, and this was supposed to be a photo so I’m winging it a bit.


Coming along. Can’t do any more LST without using a frame of some sort so I’m just going to let these blow.






Water and soil PH questions - need help!

I’m pretty happy with how the LST worked out on my branching. Not sure if this is the goal but it looks pretty spread. Here is big bud:


All of them looking phenomenal!!


Just arrived: Auto 2.0 Mixpack. Jack Herer dropping tomorrow, as I prepare to cut Amnesia Haze next week.



I am actually considering not dropping one of my auto seeds today, after some thought. Why? Well, it’s July 21st, and I think it would be interesting to see how a photo-as-auto would work at this time. I suspect flowering would be triggered relatively quickly, at least within 2-4 weeks. In theory, I’d get a similar size and yield as an auto out of one of my many photo seeds. I’ve got the most of Super Silver Haze and OG Kush, so one of the makes sense for the experiment.

That said, I do like the idea of another strain in my cupboard this winter… hmm.



Just be cognizant of flower time and how you will finish the plant in case of cold? Otherwise I had this same thought. What if I threw some clones in the ground right now?


We won’t have concerning weather until at least mid-December. So I believe I’ll be ok on that front.

You raise an interesting point. Maybe I should clone my GSCX and try that as its own plant instead of popping a bean. And do the Jack Herer as well…


I think the problem you’d run into is that a seed won’t throw pistils until it’s mature enough, regardless of outdoor lighting time. A clone should already be mature enough, so little different story there.