Nostril's Next: 5 outdoors in fabric pots


It looks like a dry pattern for the near future, she might just have the time do it!


I have the option of bringing her into my shed with my light if absolutely necessary. Just can’t move her while I’m gone for 6 days. I’m sure she’ll hold either way.




Thanks for the smoke report. I like the sound of that big bud. I may add it to the list of ones to try.


I may have been wrong about the harvest window. While physically the buds don’t appear fully mature, trichomes are looking definitely “in the window” at this time. I’m still holding off a bit. I am in the 9th week of flowering so nothing too crazy long yet.


She blew over two nights in a row due to high winds. I’ve set her down into these column building cinder blocks which should stop that nonsense. I can only think of the trichomes banging off when she fell - and/or the filth they pick up laying there. :cry:

Edit note: looks like we are due a freeze tonight. I’m going to carry her to the shed for warmth.


I’m sure that she’ll appreciate spending the night indoors :+1:t2:


Jack Herer coming down today. Fire weather and other reasons have necessitated it, but the good news is that she’s ready.

Top cola - not bad for an auto!




Now that’s a handful. Good job. Looks incredible.:sunglasses:


I can smell the JH from herer! :wink:


Jack in jars.



That’s a beautiful picture. It looks like it belongs in a book on trimming.

And congrats on the harvest.


Thanks. It’s a little loose, especially under the top buds, but I’m not too broken up about it. I’m going to blame flowering in autumn. Day length averaged under 11 hours for most of the flower period, and the plant had to deal with suboptimal temperatures. But I knew that going into it and I’m sure it’ll still get the job done.

Glad to wrap up the summer grow! Now what?!


Start a new grow!


Congrats bro!




Just in time for Thanksgiving? Great looking.


I agree with @raustin it looks like it would be a magazine or book cover photo talking about harvests. Congrats on the harvest.