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looks delicious!


Looks great man. How tall?


It looks taller in that photo than it is. It’s just under 3.5’ tall.

Wrapped up Big Bud today. Another 119g/4.2 ounces of material. So my totals are:

OGK - 424g/15oz
GSCX - 496g/17.5oz
Gold Leaf - 441g/15.6oz
Big Bud - 497g/17.5oz

I’m currently converting 3oz of Big Bud into canna oil.


The water cured BB is dry. It has very little aroma to it, but it was sitting with a fan on it for two days, so maybe after being closed up in a jar that will change. If not, maybe it’s just stealth weed. Either way, here’s a comparison. Water cure on left, just jarred uncured on right.


That’s a big difference in appearance. I’m curious to see how it smokes and tastes.


Dug into the water cured Big Bud late last night. Aroma is piney and earthy but extremely mild. Tearing the bud apart to load into the vape, it felt dry and somewhat crunchy. I didn’t get too much stickiness, even at the center of the bud, so I was a bit concerned about potency.

I loaded a very small amount into the vape, about 0.05g (my Arizer II Solo bowl is about a 0.1-0.15g bowl, and I went very light). 400F, I inhaled and… felt like nearly nothing was coming through the tube. I felt a slight bit of heat, but no vapor. Also, just a hint of flavor that reflected the aroma. Then, when I exhaled I saw an enormous vapor cloud. Pulled again, same thing. No harsh burn on the throat, no tickle in the lungs. Not a lot of flavor or smell, but plenty of vapor. After those two, it hit me and I was ready for bed. :slight_smile:

My feeling on this is that it has a place in a weed repertoire. Personally, I like the flavor and aroma so much that I wouldn’t choose this most days. But it is extremely covert - the room probably won’t smell like weed after you vape this stuff, and even storing (or transporting) the bud is relatively scent-free. For heavy users that might have throat irritation or or those who are sick with a cold, this might be a nice alternative to edibles. I have a friend who is a singer and she told me she avoids vaporizing when she plans to sing - I’m going to give her some of this and see how she feels about it.

The one thing I can’t currently speak to is whether the effect is still as expected from the strain. That is, if some of the water-soluble terpenes have been washed away, do I end up with a different effect profile than the jar cured bud? I’ll know in a few weeks. If it preserves most or all of the effect, I think another great use for this method would be if someone has a strain they love from an effect perspective but hate from a flavor perspective. You could significantly limit the flavor portion but still enjoy the effect.

Overall, I suggest that if you have a sizable crop, you try this. Even if it’s just a half-filled pint jar, it’s interesting and you aren’t ruining bud. It still has plenty of effect and you may find that it has some usefulness.


Awesome info. Thanks for updating on it. Definitely save some for when the rest is cured.


Fascinating to know, thanks.


I still have Jack Herer going, but I want to do a quick wrap-up of the summer grow with a few lessons. Mostly this is for my future reference, but maybe it’ll be helpful to someone down the line.

First, it’s worth gauging how I did on my original goals. I had hoped to limit size and yield, attempt different training methods, and simplify harvest. I failed at attempting different training methods; I merely LST and fimmed all plants. I may have limited yield to some degree, but I got about a pound off of each plant, which is significant. That said, harvest was entirely manageable now that I have a few under my belt.

Lessons learned:

  • Don’t schedule travel during harvest. :smiley:
  • Time nutrient withdrawal based on the outdoor harvest schedule published with the seeds. I withdrew nutes from all plants at the same time despite the fact that some went longer than others. This resulted in my later plants “overfading.” Also, only withdraw about two weeks prior to harvest, especially in smallish pots. The soil was devoid of nutrients by the time I withdrew, so fade happened immediately.
  • Potentially plant a little later to have a slightly shorter veg time and limit plant size a bit more.
  • Remember that cloudy trichomes stick around for a long while. They don’t degrade rapidly into amber. Just because I see cloudy doesn’t mean I’m nearing completion. I had cloudy trichomes for over a month before seeing any amber this time around.
  • Have more half-gallon jars on hand. They require half the burping work of quarts.

That’s all I can think of for now. Overall, decent grow and I’m happy with the results. Just starting to dig into the cured bud this week and will see what I like the best. From the early cuts I took, OG Kush is a standout.


I cut the GSCX clone yesterday. Discovered bud rot. Not much to salvage, but I am drying this trimmed bit anyway. Also, Jack is stacking a bit.


That damn bud rot seems to have gotten almost everyone this year from the sound of it. Sucks to hear it got yours to. Terrible stuff.


merry christmas tree!


Booooo on the bud rot!


I don’t know anyone that did not get some rot this year @nostril. Bad action. Hurts my eyes to see that!


Another shot of Jack. I have travel coming up over thanksgiving. Not sure if she’s going to mature by then or not.


Quick smoke report. Big Bud was one that I had very low expectations on, based on online reports and reviews. But it turns out to be really quite tasty and aromatic with a pleasant effect. I expected sleep medicine but it’s significantly more euphoric than my GSC, maybe more in line with OG Kush. Flavorwise, it’s got a kind of earthy lime flavor like a margarita with some skunky tequila. Pleasantly surprised.

Gold Leaf is great as always. It hasn’t developed that incredible aroma and flavor yet, but it’s still in the longer cure stretch. Still very tasty and good effect. Potent.

Overall, I’m happy with everything I’ve grown. These four plus the earlier finishing Amnesia, plus my winter and last summer grow give me a lot of options. It’s fun to make a choice in the evenings.


Jack Herer at sundown.


Very nice!!!


She’s really taking her time, one more week left? Or more?

She looks great!


More than a week. Not even checking trichomes yet. Lots of white pistils. Ideally I can cut on the 18th but she’ll have to tell me. I won’t be gone long, I’m just worried that the rain is going to hit.