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start rolling up the RAW super fatties 1 1/2 cones! Looks like a wonderful stash!


Lol, nice haul bro. Weed for days there.


Working on Big Bud today as time permits. It’s a high effort affair, considering the rot I’d found and the condition of the buds. I’m trimming deep and prying everything apart.

This cola was my biggest, but I lost the top third during the grow. Still, you can see how big it was, considering this is what’s left.


That’s a big ass bud, sorry you lost some of it.


All done. I’m going to try a water cure on a half gallon of bud, I’ve got a bunch drying, and I’ve demoted over a pound wet to shake since I plan to mostly make edibles and tincture out of this plant. Looking forward to getting this jarred up in a week or so.

Nervous about making butter after bad experiences

Also: made some canna oil from my GL popcorn buds. Estimated at about 17mg/ml THC, assuming 19% flower content.


I’ve never heard of a water cure? What is the point? Won’t that just mean you’ll still have to dry and cure it when you take it out?


Supposedly the point is to create a smoother smoke (or, in my case, vape). The idea is that much of the harsh stuff is polar, so it will dissolve in the water over the course of 5 days or so. You change the water regularly. Cannabinoids are non polar so they remain with the plant. When you dry it, it supposedly doesn’t need a traditional dry cure. Once you dry it, it’s done.

I only did that to the one jar because I was curious. If it removes all the flavor, which I’ve seen as an occasional complaint, I’ll turn it into more edibles.

The nice thing is that I will be able to compare both curing methods on the exact same bud. So it should be at least somewhat educational. I’ll share results once I’ve got 'em.


Cool I look forward to seeing your results.


Just burping jars…


That’s a beautiful picture! That’s the kind of busy day I want to have. Lol


This picture made me lol. Well done.


The water cure is progressing. I am changing the water every 12-18 hours, and the effluent has a strong and relatively unpleasant aroma. I worried/worry that it is rotting in the jar but apparently it’s supposed to smell bad since I am washing away the chlorophyll, starches, and other harsh elements.

Here is what the third soak looks like before I change the water. It is clear when I add new RO water and slowly pulls this coloring out. I will see in a few days if this is really doing anything decent!


super cool! I love experiments :+1:t2:


The water smells better and better every time I dump it. The bud in that jar smells extremely piney now, not herbal at all, and the kind of rotting damp smell is almost completely gone. Once the water no longer becomes discolored after 24 hours, the “cure” is complete. This is sort of fun.

Meanwhile out in the garden, Jack Herer and my GSCX mini-clone are both coming along. I’m still feeding Jack Herer but GSCX really ought to be finishing up before long so I haven’t been feeding her. Interesting thing about this Jack Herer auto flower is that she came out of the soil on July 29th. That means I’m at 12 weeks tomorrow, and she’s nowhere close to being done - I’m guessing at least another 3-4 weeks. For an auto, that seems pretty slow to me. I’ll post some photos soon.


Water cure appears done. I will drain and gently shake off the water, then dry on mesh with a fan to quickly remove water and avoid mold or mildew. Should be ready well before my traditionally dried and cured Big Bud, which will only go into jars tomorrow.


Cool I can’t wait to hear what the smoke report is like. Well vape report as the case may be.


I believe I’ve read somewhere where Jack Herer strain has long flowering phase, perhaps ripening will happen quickly once it starts, and cheers to it being worth the wait.


Jarred up the main buds of Big Bud. As I’ve mentioned, this isn’t something I plan to vape terribly often. Jarred weight 307g/10.8oz. My edible bag is a quarter-full grocery bag that isn’t quite dry yet; I’ve moved that to my herb drying rack along with my water-cured bud. Final weights once those are all dry.

The water-cured bud is drying nicely despite us having a cool and foggy overnight and first half of the day. I have two fans on it. It smells completely different from the stuff I jarred, and certainly not as intense. As I’ve said, that’s a potential drawback of this method of curing. We’ll see once it’s in the vape. Shouldn’t be but another day or two to test, but I’ll have to wait at least another couple of weeks to compare to properly cured jar bud.

From the garden, a couple of photos. Jack Herer at 85 days with quite a few left. GSCX mini-flower clone still has clears but is nice and purple.


+1 on the Jack Herer ripening slower than other strains…