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Regarding Gold Leaf - the one thing that does turn me off about it is that ILGM doesn’t tell the origins of the strain in the description. Every other one has an origins segment, but Gold Leaf is left out, I’m assuming because it’s “proprietary.” I like to know the lineage of what I grow; I find it really fun and cool to trace backwards. But there’s a bit of secrecy around Gold Leaf for some weird reason.

From what I’ve read around online, it’s probably related to Skunk #1 somehow. That makes some sense since Skunk #1’s lineage includes Acapulco Gold and Columbian Gold. But I’d really like the official word on it, and for them to share lineage information as most other breeders do.


Gold Leaf a solid performer, I think it’s creeper bud, potent with good taste. I plan to grow another Gold Leaf next season for sure, grew one last year.

My plant last year didn’t have a strong smell while growing, however, after cure has good smell, especially when breaking it up.

It seemed to resist worm :bug: caterpillar damage compared to Chronic Widow, White Widow, and an OG\Amnesia Haze cross, I didn’t spray any BT last season.


Yeah, after a 2 month+ cure, I find Gold Leaf to have a stellar flavor and aroma. Almost hard to stop smelling it. The high is good, potent, but a bit foggy. Relaxing, but not terribly motivating. I don’t touch it before evening.


I’ll only touch it during daytime if it’s a weekend…


Took a peek at trichomes on Big Bud. Getting really close.


Nice pictures man. Can’t hold my hand still enough. LOL @nostril :wink:


I just hold my phone camera up to the loupe. I bought a USB microscope but the photos aren’t nearly as good.


Big Bud likely coming down tomorrow. I think it would have gone another week or more had I kept it fed longer but she is fading very fast. Plenty of amber today.


Bone dry winds last night have done a number on my drying flower, despite my efforts at adding humidity with buckets of water. I just jarred up GSCX and it is about 37% humidity in the jar. Adding Boveda packs to all. Final weight at that humidity level:

496 g/17.5 ounces.

Moving onto OGK now. Interestingly, that one looks better. I am wondering if the H2O2 wash caused any issue with rapid drying on GSCX.


Nice haul!


Great job, a New Moon harvest dries faster, especially with super low humidity. I have only filled a little over 10 jars with my 10/9 new moon harvest, put remainder in 4 paper bags, hope to have it jarred up before I sleep tonight…


I’m waiting for Wednesday morning to chop, Aquarius moon - Air sign -a good one.


OGK coming along well. I only H2O2 washed about 1/4 of the colas but I know which they are. They’re much more brittle and dry. So I feel pretty certain that process encouraged drying.

Ran into a little bud rot that I’d missed. In case anyone is interested, here’s a loupe photo of that nasty nonsense.


Nice buds.


OGK - 424g/15oz.

Had to toss more than I’d have liked due to bud rot or paranoid bud rot looking buds.


And this summer’s haul to date. Doesn’t include Big Bud.


Wow, very nice!


now that is a stash and a half!!!


Lots to be given away. I’m at best an ounce a month, so that’s a five year or longer supply. And I’m itching to drop more seeds already…

Happy overall, though. Lots of lessons learned, which I’ll summarize once I make a few more mistakes with Big Bud. :wink:


I hear you, I give most of mine away too. My friends love me at harvest time.