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You’ve definitely got to sear it for flavor reasons. But just know that a slow cook would be juicier if grey and kind of unappetizing. Harold McGee was one of the first to publish tests of this, Alton Brown did a show on it as well, and it’s been continued with other great cooking science personalities.

But I also sear my steaks in my wife’s great-great grandmother’s Wagner cast iron skillet. They’re gorgeous and delicious that way!


+1 on searing meat with a cast iron skillet. I put mine on the webber and get it red hot. You get the iron boost and the charcoal flavor


So, Gold Leaf is pretty much done. Checked trichs top to bottom and they’re all cloudy or amber. Sadly, I cannot cut until at earliest a week from Monday when my friend comes over. But she’s definitely coming down then, and hopefully will hold. Some photos:

I do think the others will hold. There are clear heads underneath sugar leaves and deep in the buds on OG Kush and GSC. Big Bud may need cutting a week from Monday as well, but I think I’m going to hold and cut OGK and GSC myself after my return, which would be two weeks from Monday at the earliest. Thoughts and feedback, as always, are welcome.



Big Bud:


Beautiful buds, stunning pictures, well grown for sure!

The Gold Leaf will easily go longer…


Selective harvest with a few colas now?


I leave Wednesday. They’d not dry in time to jar up, or would overdry if I left them for the two weeks. I think Mrs. Nostril is up for cutting her a week from tomorrow. Hopefully all will be fine.


@nostril, Can you take a peak at my pic’s please. Clear trichomes. Running out of time.! Thank you! 20180923_173459|374x500


Caterpillar or rot? Pistils still growing, almost done :white_check_mark:


@stretchgfw.1957 Yeah, that definitely looks like some rot. You look like you’re still growing, much younger looking than my old ladies. I checked trichomes today and still see some clears on all but Gold Leaf. Tomorrow I plan to trim and jar the colas I chopped a week ago. Then it’s off for a while and fingers crossed for my return.


You saw my pic’s. I know the feeling. Fingers crossed. Hoping this rain we’re getting doesn’t get me more rot.@nostril
Thanks tons


In the process of trimming my early cuts. Gold Leaf looking crusty.


Wow man. Super impressive.@nostril


GSCX wins best early aroma. Smells awesome when I’d expect it to smell like hay.


So of the four top-half colas I cut, I got 18g, 21g, 20g, and 14g of trimmed bud. Even if things collapse while I’m on my trip, that’s enough to carry me through a year at my consumption rate. But of course, I’ll be devastated if I do lose anything.

Today I plan to cut a bunch of the fan leaves off of Gold Leaf so that when Mrs. Nostril hangs her she’s safer from any mold. Doubtful this time of year in NorCal, though. The air has been pretty dry. I wonder if cutting fan leaves slows maturity (less sunlight digested) or speeds it up (plant thinks it’s being killed).


Geez Louise
I went through 22 ounces since last harvest. Maybe I should cut down. Nah.


Haha, I’m like .1g/day. .2 if I’m really kicking it. :wink:

22 ounces? That’s impressive action.


Well I cooked with it, meatball parm sandwich, whoa. And a lot of tea. Canna butter and of course party size spliffs. This year I tossed out my roaches. First time in over forty years. Anyway it does relieve my pain without big pharma.


I’ve left but took a couple shots before I headed out. GSCX and OG Kush.


Enjoy your trip!