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very nice work @nostril


Thanks, all. Note that I still have the bulk to harvest, I just cut a few colas. But I’m feeling more comfortable with waiting. My friend will be able to cut as soon as October 1st, which is 12 days from now. I can’t imagine things will go downhill in that timeframe, and it’s possible I’ll have him push that back once I do a final check before my trip.


I’m hoping to harvest as much as possible on the new moon 10/9/2018 under the sign of Libra- 20 days from now…


Any particular reason why you would harvest under a new moon?
I talked with a lady years ago about harvesting. She told me the best time to harvest is under a full moon. She believed that the full moon would allow her plants to be able to uptake the most energy, therefore being at the height of potency. That’s what I shoot for when deciding to harvest. I’m not sure if it’s true or not but it seems feasible to me.


Do you know when the moon is full in October? @shindig153


Have a read here:


October 24 is the full moon. The hunters moon.


Great read. Now I understand your thinking. Thank you for posting the links.


I see no harm in doing what pleases you as far as harvest goes, but there is no evidence to support moon phase gardening. It falls into the realm of faith since science doesn’t corroborate the anecdotes of believers.

There are some scientific constructs that have been used to support the idea of the gravitational pull of the moon on water in the soil, etc., but when actually controlled for and tested, it doesn’t show any result in the garden. This goes for more than just cannabis - biodynamic farming also depends on moon phases and is also predominantly faith based farming.

That is not to say that people don’t get great personal reward from following the moon phase in their gardening decisions. And I don’t mean to criticize it as a personal choice - I just mean to say that the evidence shows that any benefit is placebo. My personality is that of a skeptic, so I get more enjoyment out of following the evidence instead of the lore. But for many, that’s a boring way to live so I understand differences of opinion.


I use it as one of many resources, and would never blindly harvest based on moon :crescent_moon: phase instead of trichome appearance.

I do feel gems can be plucked from old world cumulative wisdom and synthesized into the ever growing collective body of knowledge continuously learned from science :microscope:moving forward.


There is mathematical evidence to support the theory that we live in a holographic universe that doesnt exist outside of consciousness.


I’m going to need to pack a bowl before starting that philosophical discussion. :wink:


I agree that often lore winds up having merit because it’s gone through the test of time, and we should always pay attention. Unfortunately, the test of time isn’t a very strict test. :slight_smile:

A fun example is with cooking when people tell you to sear the meat to “seal in the juices.” People still say this today, despite it being repeatedly proven to dry the meat out more. It has other benefits from the Maillard reaction like flavor and appearance, but that mantra is repeated by people who know better to this day. Lore is hard to kill.

Other fun ones:
Feed a cold, starve a fever.
Cold weather or a change in weather causes you to catch a cold.
You lose most of your body heat through your head.
Wait 30 minutes after swimming or you can get cramps.
Sugar makes kids hyper.
Stress causes ulcers.
Homeopathy is medicine. :wink:

There’s something about our human tendency for storytelling and passing-on information that makes all of these maxims stick in the culture. It’s really fascinating stuff.



That was really great man. Date lines up with my HEAD date for harvest. Watching the weather. Here, hopefully like 3 weeks or so. Won’t see them until the weekend. Will update then. I asked in another post about the benefit or peroxide spray, just in case??? They look good. Any thoughts? Sorry if I’m skipping around. Kinda new. Love this place. Never read so much good stuff!


Thanks man. You’re the best. Lines up with my projected harvest time. Ill let you know. Fascinating to me!


Still planning to have at least two plants cut a week from Monday.

Gold Leaf getting purplish sugar leaves.

OG Kush has oddly drooping leaves but happy otherwise.

GSCX is really colorful, hard to get a good shot.

Big Bud maturing nicely with one crazy foxtail.


love that purple highlight!


@nostril Your buds look awesome bro!!!

Love your philosophical approach to old school stuff but I must confess…I do sear a good steak before cooking in my 20 year old cast iron skillets. Do the same with a tri tip on the weber kettle before indirect heat.

Now we can discuss if resting is necessary per the Meathead approach :wink::wink:

It’s all good…congrats…keep thinking my girls are ready and they just keep on going per the trikes.



Same, with big chunks of meat I sear before braising. Always comes put juicy :yum: