Northern Russian Auto

Does anyone have any experience growing Northern Russian Auto flower by Kalashnikov Seeds? I’ve been looking for grow diaries but haven’t had any luck.

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Guess not. Start a journal and let us all know

I thought all northern Russian plans are ruderalis because of there limited time of growable conditions out doors so pretty much I would say most stuff from russia is auto not that it’s a bad thing I’m just a photo guy I like to clone and tell the plants what to do … ain’t no plant bossing me around lol


@fano_man Lol respect. I just don’t have the space for clones so I take the auto rout. I’ve just seen journals/diaries of KS other strains but not that one specifically… Oh well :man_shrugging:t5:

Removed link, not approved.

Ur going fully auto huh auto pots and all

I’ll tag along how many harvest have u had before

@fano_man yeah man, tried to make it as simple as possible. I wanna switch to soil when I start growing photos. Ive had 2 harvests before this so I’m still a pup.

Please post your pictures here instead of linking social media, thanks!

26 days in…


Searching on SeedFinder this is some of what could be found almost instantly:

Northern Russian Auto Family Tree: Parents and ancestors of Kalashnikov Seeds…

E.G. its “ancestors” could be mapped using a “dynamic family tree”.

Good day, have fun!! :peace_symbol: