Northern lights x big bud



First of all I would like to thank everyone for their support and patience with me. :laughing:
I am growing in DWC and need to know when to start nutrients. I have found conflicting information from immediately to waiting until seedlings have three to five sets of leaves. Any advice would be appreciated.


You need to add nutes to your res once the cotyledons yellow and die. Most nutrient manufacturers post the recommended levels for each stage of growth. What nutrients are you using?


What @MattyBear said


Foxfarm hydroponic nutrients.


Foxfarm hydroponic. It has instructions for seedlings. Should I not have fed them?
Should I flush them?


That should be just fine then. Have you put them in their res yet? Or still seedlings? Make sure itโ€™s a small amount of ppm to start with so you donโ€™t fry or stunt her from the get go :v:


They are a week old and I put them in the
Basin. They have small roots so I have been top watering for now.
I am so happy to have found this community.

Thank you for your help.