Northern lights training continued

Unable to post pictures to my grow journal Northern Lights First Photo Grow So doing it here.
Use of staples and ring.

Before cleanup (on my workbench is my light project)

After clean up of fan leaves interior lower buds and leaves

in the tent
I gave them some CalMag as a preventative and also dissolved 2 tbls of bone meal in a gallon of water overnight and applied that too for a shot of phosphorous.
If you haven’t tried staples give them a try. So much easier than tying stuff up.
Here is the light stuff. It is designed to fit on top and straddle my Kind light. Wide open it is supposed to add around 160 watts providing a total of 460± in my 3x3


Looking like the start of something great! What benefits does your girl get out of bone meal? I never looked into it, did see it at my supply store.

Bone meal is a good source of phosphorous. Flowering nutrients always have it in them. So just thought I would make some tea and give it to them. It ends up being a very low doze because crushed bone doesn’t dissolve completely. Phosphorous is also used for purple stems which occurs because of P deficiency or genetics. The NL have some purple stems, more than likely due to Haze lineage. So I thought the risk of doing harm is very small while they may benefit from it.
You had to read pretty carefully to pick that little tidbit out.


Thanks bud! Great info

Loving the light. Plants looking good.

Thanks Looking forward to firing it up. Having some issues. Replacement driver in en route. I hope that’s what it is and not me.

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@beardless, Love the way you staple your girls down. I have done the same thing 28 days ago. I pin them down hard and cover stalks with my compost. My 5 gallon fabric pot is slap full of new shoots and is now almost three inches tall. By the time I can top them I bet I will have 40 to 50 new limbs. Wish I could post a photo for you to see. Glad to see someone doing the same as me. First timer here, love to know your harvest yeild. Take care

Staples certainly makes it easier. First time I have used them. No going back. Also, the ring around the perimeter of the pot makes it easier to tie taller branches to. I don’t lay them down as far as you do in that I’m not trying to get them to sprout. However, @Dirt was thinking of trying it. I don’t know if he has. Possibly he will reach out and ask more about what you do.

I might be able to send a pic, will try this way. ILGM wont let me , used to be able, First is early pic and second is about 30 days in. Fem skywalker plant.

@beardless, Just cant upload the latest pic, pot is overwhelmed with growth.

I believe it. It doesn’t take long for them to recover and actually increase growth.

idk if yall are talking about my live oak effect on the plants but it works you can take a photo period plant super crop the bottom stems so they hit the ground and super crop them back up in a N shape the first sick of the N being the stalk. then rub cloning gell on the supercroped/ snapped stem and it creats the mother of all mother plants.


@Dirt, you got my attention. Would love to see your technique, I just pin mine down hard. Been wanting to try bending and squeezing the stalks to promote growth. Love to see your results. Take care and grow happy