Northern Lights Possible Harvest?

To those that have grown NL, what would be the average that you should get from two plants under 600 w metal halide in veg and 1000 w HPS?

This all depends on your grow experience techniques, system grown in. Indoor or outside. You can grow a small shrubbery, or a tree…

I guess I’m just a little perplexed. I just finished my first grow. Did a crap load of research before and during the grow. I got some feminised NL from you guys (great service by the way). I grew in FF OF and HF mixed50/50 in 7 gal pots. Temps on room were between 72 -76 with the canopy around 82 while the lights were on. I vegged 4 weeks under a 600 MH and fimmed the two plants when they were 22 inches tall. Could not get my humidity above 22%. I fed with FF notes, but didn’t follow the schedule precisely. I flowered for 54 days under a 1000w HPS. The two plants ended up at around 48 inches tall. I dried branches hanging upside down for 5 days at 20% humidity and no light with room temps of 70. They have been curing for an additional week now with a humidity of 64% in the jars. I removed the buds once a day for the first three days and repacked the jars. I have burped the jars every day since for about 30 minutes at a time. The humidity in the jars has been stable at 64% for the last 4 days. When researching what to expect for a yield, I mostly got info like 2 oz per plant. I weighed my harvest yesterday on a verified scale and what I have is 12 oz from two plants. Now, i’m not complaining, just wondering if the bud is still holding too much moisture. When I burp and shake the jars, the buds move independently from each other and does not feel moist. No mold present whatsoever. Sorry this is so long winded, just wanted you to have all the info that you needed to tell me if I am doing anything wrong. Ify weight is because of moisture, I want to know before I let them cure longer. I figured that if it was a moisture issue, I would be able to tell from the feel and smell of the buds in the jar. 6 oz per plant just blows my mind for a first grow. Your direction or reassurance is appreciated!

I would say; MOst people would be happy with 6 oz. per plant. Not a bad yield Your methods appear to be sound. However; If i read this post correctly you transplant immediately into 7 gallon pots.

Transplanting directly into large containers is a waste of about 50% of you soil. The taproot heads down, as do the majority of roots. All area outside the root zone is wasted space. Many will have varying opinions on this, but I like to use seed starting mix when I plan to grow in soil. I transplant that seedling into a 3" pot. When the plant get to 8-12" tall; Now I place young plant in 1 or 2 or 3 gallo0n pots. Currently I am vegging in a 2 gallon cloth pot.

Within a week of flowering transition, I like to repot for the final time. IN a 3-5 gallon pot. I do not see any gains coming from using a 7 gallon pot inside. Outside; Yes, by all means.

I don’t know if this info will help you, but I suggest it as “food for thought”. Peace

Thanks Latewood. And trust me, I am more than happy with the yield! Maybe just didn’t think it happen on my first go around. I’ll try the multiple repotting on my next grow.

Hay guy’s Need a feeding schedule for the bud booster