Northern lights, not flowering, just growing, what can cause this?


Thanks man, every tips is grately appreciated​:grinning: Sorry for type o’s​:thinking::thinking:


Thanks man, very much appreciated :grinning:


I never knew a plant to be sexually mature.
Be patient, at 12/12, they will flower


Hey man, guess what new question🤔 As you know I have two plants. One of them are really getting big, I was thinking of switching too 12/12 on Sunday. The other one is doing ok. And this plant I was thinking that I could prune her, if I do that, can this leaves and cutoffs be used for smoking?


I wouldn’t have said much differently you could smoke it yes but would be about same effect as grass clippings :wink:


Hey Man. Just switched to 12/12 today so I just must be patience from here on. When do you think I will se the first flowers? Odd


A couple weeks.


Hey man. One more question, i have just planted seedlings, is it possible to have to much light? What’s required?



too much light can be a problem yes but that is easily dealt with by using distance


Hi Donald. Can a plant be beyond mature? I switched to 12/12 5 days ago and there are no flowers to see yet, I starting to believe my plants are retired, or perhaps retarded🤣 Damn what to do?


Relax. It can take a couple weeks. Then you’ve got maybe a couple more MONTHS to get to harvest. Then a few weeks after THAT to dry and cure.

So, patience…


Your first two weeks will be your transition period and then you’ll be in business after that no need to worry


Thanks hope you’re right😀


Now is when you want to watch closely for any signs of masculinity, as the flower sites begin to grow.


Hi, Sorry bit What do you mean?


In the early to middle stages of flowering, you need to make sure they are female, and remove any males immediately, or they pollinate and your weed sucks.


Read the grow guides - top right


Hi, there are no sign of male plants as far as I can see, but I’m still perhaps the best spotter in this case. Anyway if you all remember my plants won’t flower?? I’m starting to believe that I have to bad light source on my flowers? Can this be the reason why these are not flower?
I know that I’m nagging but please try and understand, I’m getting worried that I wasted almost three months.:rage::rage:

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Hi Donald
Please look at my picture, there are something on my plants, is this the flowers, will this the buds?


Very well could be start of flowering they look healthy be patient