Northern Lights Maximum Outdoor Temperature

Hi Guys, thanks to good old climate change we are experiencing record temps in Charlotte, NC accompanied by zero rain in the last ten days and none in sight for the future. It’s hitting highs of 96F with perceived heat index of 102F. Can the NL auto handle these temps? It looks like it’s going to be a full week before we even get slightly below 90F. I had it outside yesterday and it sucked up all the water in a 7 gallon fiber pot from that morning’s watering by days end. It looked pretty good but I did notice some browning on some of the tiny leaves and pistils not the good kind either. I brought it inside under the lights for today but it’s pretty squashed in there under the 4 tube t-5 with the blueberry. I figured its probably better than it being cooked outside. I have been adding botanicare silica blast in it’s water for the last week. Seems to be helping. Humidity outside is at 35%.


@AAA has some experience with NL outdoors, and maybe can help. :v:

Thanks! I will hit him up.

Is there a way to reach out to @AAA directly? Thanks!

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@Brewergardener, I’ve got 3 NL outside right now, but exact opposite, they have endured cold that isn’t normally on our radar for these times of year.

Can you put up a sun sail/screen to give it filtered sunlight?

As an auto you will want to give it max sun exposure as you have a limited window for growth, but also don’t want it to fry!


Actually I have been using a large 38" metal cage wrapped with AGfabrics tan horticultural row cover product that cuts the light exposure by 15% around it so people cant see it and to shade it a bit.Stuff is great! What do you think of me using that but also layering some over the top to protect it when the sun is hitting it from above?

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Sorry to hear about the cold. Its been a freaky weather spring here as well. Wet as hell record setting all winter turned my soil anerobic it was so bad then bamm! 95 degrees forever.

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Make sure your pots aren’t a dark color, and sure why not a free extra layers on top.

If on concrete, elevate them.

You could even add a fan to blow on them.

Where are they at? Pics for reference?

The are both inside at the moment under the t-5. The Blueberry stays inside b/c it fits well under the light and is progressing very nicely. The NL however is

squashed in there and is not a good fit. I was keeping it outside in the garden as much as possible and bringing it in at night. They are both in 7 gallon black smart pots. When the NL is out in the garden it sits in a hole I have dug that is deep as the pot is tall and just a bit wider so it stays low and out of site with the added benefit of keeping the roots cool and away from the sun. It stayed inside all day yesterday b/c after I brought it in from the day before I noticed that a lot of the white pistils in the node areas of the plant have shriveled up and turned brown. I would have to think that is not good at this early of the flowering stage and is a direct result of the heat and searing sun. Will it recover from this? Here is a pic from yesterday so you can see how far along it is. Its a beautiful plant and I really would hate to jack it up after all this work. forecast is for 93 today and 96 for Tue Wed and Thursday

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Pretty plants. I’ll have a similar issue as summer comes on. What are the experts thoughts about using misters on timers? Something like a couple minutes every 1/2 hour or so. I use them on my patio on a hot day. It helps cool it down and my decorator plants love it. Should be able to find programmable timers somewhere. Would that invite fungus or mold if overdone?

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Hi guys and gals, i live in southern Texas where its always hot. I let my outdoor potted plants get full sun till noon,by noon temp are in the 90’s, if u see any wilting or leaves curling its time to move to a shady area, till they harden off and get used to full sun. I use 10 grams of raw aloe vera per quart of R.O water or rainwater, before sunset as a foilar spray. Ive never grown NL but done lots of trainwreck,purple snowman, durban poison all sativa dominant.good luck on ypur grow hope this helps my friend, by the way plants look lovley.
Ps. Never sparay ypur plants in direct sunlight

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@Mrcrabs might have something there.

Is it possible that your plants are not hardened off/acclimated to the outside?

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This little one here is already outside in direct morning sun til noon.i start them youg getting used to high heat temps. It was 94 degree the other day and it didnt even flinch. I try and keep there pots covered as much as i can so roots stay fresh

They are hardened off. The NL has been outside for well over a month now. Here is the cage set up I have now. I have been using it for most of the grow sinc my plant is like 40 feet from the sidewalk. The horticultural AGfabric lets in 85% of light and all air and water in. Two days ago I left it off for most of the day, the next day is when I saw some of the white Pistils had turned brown. I have since added the same fabric to the top of the cage to help with direct sun at least until the temps drop a bit. It does get a mix of shade and filtered light after 3 PM.


Sweet setup, covering the top should help, good luck

Thanks. I will report back on the results just in case anyone else wants to give the AGfabric a shot. It’s kinda like shade cloth but does not block out nearly as much sun. The manufacturer says you can keep crops under it for the entire life cycle. Plus the tan color really makes it almost impossible to tell whats under it from a close distance.

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Welcome I’m up the road in wnc mountains Asheville. Have a couple Gold leafs outside guess we’ll see about the Heat. Have grew several northern light but not outside. Good luck

Thanks! Glad to see another NC grower! You guys look to be cooler than us but not by too much. Good luck to you as well. I have some friend growing three of my amnesia Hazes on their upper patio and they are killing it and it gets super hot up there so I think we will be ok. Good luck to you!

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@Brewergardener, if you can share, where did you get the AGfabric? It may be better than the shade cloth I’m using in my backyard greenhouse when it gets too hot.

Hi friedfred, here is a link to the Agfabric I’m using:

They make a lot of different weights of fabric mostly for frost protection but this one is the lightest weight and can be used for the whole growth period. Plus this stuff is tan and blends in a bit better than bright white. Putting it over the top of the cage seemed to help yesterday so I think it does make a difference.

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