Northern Lights marijuana thoughts on grow

A question from a fellow grower about his Northern Light plants:

The first grow was 2 plants and they were harvested at 12 in tall and harvested 14g between both plants. I thought it was something I did and tried 2 more and the same results are happening. I am 2 weeks away from harvest and they are 12in tall and not much bud. The smoke is great but yield sucks. Has anyone else had the same problem.

I am using a 700 watt Mars Hydro led in a 3 x 4 closet. I use General Hydroponics 3 part, keep ph. between 5.8 and 6.1 even thou the ph. meters from eBay are not super accurate so I also use the strips to double check There are fans for exhaust and fans to blow on plants. I am a new grower on his 4th grow and have not experienced this with any of your seeds. I know as a beginner I am still just learning I think you guys are great and am just looking for info on the NL or on why this is happening. I had 2 WW and 2 NL side by side and WW produced 6 times the amount.

This sounds strange. It is hard to say what might be causing this. What medium are they growing in? The only thing I can think of is maybe they aren’t getting the same treatment, not the same amount of nutrients or same amount of light for some reason. They are different strains but they are both known for good yields, northern lights will not be quite as good as white widow though.

If your starting from seed i think its just up to chance what the outcome will be sometimes. I have 2 super silver haze and 1 white widow from this site and there hurtin compared to my other strains but in robs defense i think there just heavy eaters when it comes to nutrients.

I often jump to the conclusion that pH is a contributor for many of the questions posted in the forum. The reason I jump the gun so often to this conclusion is as it turns out when someone is having problems and they are sure they are doing everything right, when they check the root zone of the plant in question, sure enough 99% of the time it is outside the ideal pH range. It seems the easiest thing to overlook or the thing most new growers are not keeping an eye on.

And I don’t have any of these problems with any of the strains from ILGM, especially super silver haze and white widow.

I’m having an issue with my fan leaves yellowing , just in my third week of veg and I need info on how to fix problem . I guess I need figure out how to attach a photo for you guys can have a more understanding . But I did flush 1 liter pots with 2 gallons of ph water around 3.8 and the water run off came out hot around 7.4 to 6.8 . Hopefully I adjusted the three amigos but I’m not for certain . This is my very first rodeo . Planted in fox farm and ocean pacific soil and used fox farm notes and the recipe for success together and I’m guessing the two different products was mixed at bottled instructions which seems to be too much .

Here is the photo of the leaves …prepare yourself it’s kind of bad.

Support team help please and thank you in advance ? Email me a solution fix , hopefully it’s with time while they are still in veg as of 3 weeks this past Thursday , maybe I still have time to recover them before they die or reach the flowering stage . Indoor grow tent 2x4x7 1/2 with led 400 watt grow light . I figured out the humidity and temp with a hygrometer and humidifier but obviously I’m having a ph problem or nutrient burn I’m guessing , but hopefully you guys can help.

Sounds like you are on the right track and kind of have the right idea. I would never flush with a pH of 3.8, root damage occurs below 5.5pH, I’m sure next time you won’t let your pH get so high that it would lead you to try such drastic measures.

Next time, in soil – you want to flush with the pH you are trying to get to, you can flush with a little lower if you really want but a 6.0ph would normally be more than enough to get your very high pH down closer to around 6.5, and as said above at most no lower than 5.5, normally you flush with 3 times the volume of soil and you should get down to where you want, if not just flush more, don’t add such a drastically low pH. Then feed once with a properly pH’ed and proper EC/PPM nutrient concentration mix and let the medium naturally dry out as the plant uptakes water and nutrients and recovers. This is about all you can do and be sure to monitor your runoff pH better in the future and be sure you are pH’ing the plain water you feed them as well as your nutrient mix.

If it is nutrient burn, the same as above is mostly still relevant, you need to be monitoring your EC/TDS/PPM both in what you feed them and monitoring some of the run-off to have an idea of what is happening in the root zone.

Yeah I decided to go with 6.7 fox farm nutrient plant smallest , 6.6 with recipe for success with technaflora system nutrient plant medium size plant and just ph 6.2 with plain ph water on biggest plant.

Probably gone buy 5 three seed strains two or three auto-flowers with short flowering time to harvest , but not sure which strains to buy …help of advice is needed