Northern lights jun29th


I got auto northern lights I put in big pot June 29th its now September 26 and no buds what’s happened.not sure what’s going on plant us green and getting bushy but no buds


Help her along if possible give her a 12/12 light cycle


Sounds like you will end up having a massive plant with a potentially massive harvest. How big is your plant currently? Indoors or outdoors? How big is your pot? But then again you did say it was an auto strain…hmmmm someone please give some insights because now I too am curious.


I agree with the above; switch her to 12/12 light schedule. Seems like her auto gene is defective, or you got a reg northern light seed, either way drop her lights down, force her to flower, and you should get a huge harvest when its time. I would like to see pics when and if you can.


Could likely be from expressing the recessive traits of the plant rather than expressing dominant traits


She’s about 3 feet tall alot of the lower lefs fell off or died,she’s tied up with a cage to help her stand up.its auto flower but ill put her in 12/12 does she need to be in complete darkness during the dark cycle its prety dark in my grow room with lights off


Yes complete darkness during dark cycle if not it would likely stress her than you’ll get seeds and we wanna avoid that


Ill start the dark cycle tonight so its totally dark,I just need to move back to Wa state so I can just buy it…


It saves more money in the long run. The older a plant gets the bigger it will likely yield to a positive note


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Ill help you get something happening my friend, if you have any questions feel free to ask