Northern Lights: Is it time to harvest?



Here’s a picture of my Northern Lights central cola. I’m not seeing any amber trichomes but it is foxtailing so much (in the good way) that I can’t really see any old flowers, All I see is new ones with cloudy trichomes. I think it is a few weeks over the estimated flowering time. Now I’m reading that NL may never develop amber trichomes!

All the fans are gone and the sugar leaves are all yellow and pretty dried up. Think it’s ready?


Yes it’s time, the plant leaves can’t support photosynthesis anymore.


@1BigFella timber!


Um im going to go out on a limb and say chop it down lol nice job @1BigFella


Wow, get her done! Nice job!


In case you are interested, this is a Northern Lights clone from a mother grown from Sensi Seeds. It spent about a week in shade outdoors to get it acclimated to brighter light. Then it went into a 5 gallon bucket of Miracle Grow Potting Soil with embedded time release nutrients, in my new shower grow chamber under a 400 watt HPS lamp. (Then I found this place and got edumacated!) All I gave it during veg time was water. My tap water ends up with the right pH when it hits the peat in the soil, and has lots of magnesium and calcium already.

When it reached 21" high, I switched from 18/6 to 12/12 lights. It stopped stretching at about 44", which is just about as high as I can adjust my HPS lamp leaving 14" of space. I gave it a little bloom fertilizer over the next weeks. Treated aphids with dry ice and spinosad.

Now I’m giving it a final dry ice treatment to kill any remaining bugs and then I’ll chop. I have a nice wheeled cart from Costco my wife wanted for drying. Then into the jars for a week before adding the Boveda packs. I am planning to harvest it branch by branch so I can reveg the bottom back into a mother.


Yes think so man


That co2 works wonders for getting the bugs out, dont it.


I don’t know: It’s not perfect because I spotted one live aphid right after a 2 hour CO2 treatment. The plant was crawling with them before, so it might have killed most of them. This is why the experts say to use two different treatments. The bugs one misses will get taken out by the other.

Doesn’t matter: The buds are on the drying rack now and any aphids left will die for lack of juice to suck. This strain is almost odorless, by the way. I had some Cotton Candy on the rack a couple of weeks ago and it stank up the place. You hardly notice NL.


I gues I am just loving the co2 for as long as I have used it anyway. But I see your point, nothing is perfect and it might not get em all so use another method as well. Makes sense. I used it for nats and it worked well, course left the co2 in the tent for 4 hours almost so that might have been the reason it took em all.

My Gold Leaf is stinky for sure. In a good way. :yum: Very strong since week 4 of veg. Now it smells up the room when I open the tent. I can imagine what the smell is going to be like in 5 weeks or so of flower. week one now.