Northern Lights grow issue

From a fellow grower: I picked 2 seeds out of the 20 I received of Northern Lights autos. Germed and potted the same day, growing great…until three weeks ago when 1 out of 2 plants just didn’t flower. Now it’s smashing into my lights after 5 weeks+ of stretching.*
Strain: Northern Lights

  • Type (fem/auto/reg): Auto
  • Climate (indoor/outdoor): Indoor
  • Medium (soil/hydro/details): Hydro
  • pH of runoff or solution in reservoir: 5.7-5.9
  • Nutrient mix strength (EC/TDS): 1050-1100 for blooming
  • Light type & schedule: 24/0
  • Temperatures day & night: 75 at canopy top
  • Humidity day & night: 45%-50%
  • Ventilation: 4" 195CFM duct fan
  • AC: I have AC
  • Humidifier: N/A
  • De-humidifier: I have one in tent as well as in the basement
  • Co2: How the hell would I measure that

Attached is the image of this tent. You can see how the left plant, which is the same strain, from the same order, from the same bag, started at the same time, is flowering just fine. The right plant is 3 weeks behind. It is female, it is preflowering.

I have a Spider Farm 2000 for a 32"x32" tent. This is not a lighting issue. While the left plant finished their stretch weeks ago, the right plant forces me to move the light up daily.

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Northern Lights autos will sometimes have a plant that takes longer to flower and grows very tall.
had one that grew 6 ft tall and took over 16 weeks before harvested. Got a LOT of product but t was a battle.
Best thing to do is bend those stems down and train them to grow sideways. Its called LST, or Low Stress Training. I will look for a pic of the one I had.
Even with pulling the branches down it still grew up to the light. There is another light behind the one blurple one you see.


Normally I would say bend the branches. Tie them down till they have enough weight on the flower and finally release. But in this small of a tent it just wouldn’t work. Not enough height.

@Spiney_norman has this grower covered. :+1::+1:


I actually did do mild LST at the beginning. In the last three weeks I’ve had to pull the branches out to the corners in order to reduce their height.

The attached photos are after the longest branches have been bent 6"+ out if the middle. Without this they start smashing into the light.

These were started on the same exact day, from the same bag, germed, sprouted, L1s, L2s etc were all in sync up until the last 3 weeks.

Appreciate the replies, just a bummer if this is the expected genetics from ILGM.

Looks like I can’t edit posts here so sorry for the double, but it’s 63" high FWIW.

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welcome @Doctorvanos
Don’t blame ILGM genetics here, autos do what they do sometimes. Kinda like a purebred dog, you get an odd one sometimes as a result of selective breeding.


If they were different generations I would understand, or a couple weeks out of sync, but pushing a month out of sync from the same order and the same bag? Very disappointing.

Cheers for the replies.

Welcome to the community :wave:

I would recommend reading up on genotypes and phenotypes. It will not matter where you get your seeds from, this will happen (different looking plants even though it’s the same “strain”).

If your goal is to grow the exact same looking type plants, the only way that will be possible is with clones. Just my 2 cents

Edit : just wanted to mention you can not clone autos.


@Doctorvanos nice looking plants btw

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Weird how this doesn’t happen with any other seeds so far, but I’ll deal with it some how.

And yes, I know you cannot clone autos, thanks though.

Cheers, these have been an extremely easy grow except for them coming out of sync by almost a month. (These developed cotes 60 days ago from today by the way).

I didn’t know that the way ILGM took care of CS issues was to post it to their forum otherwise I would have written a more detailed description of my problem originally.

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You can only edit your post just about long enough to proof read it, maybe up to 5 min. I’m not sure but not too long.

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They really don’t on the home page there’s a support button agh never mind that here’s the place to get in touch with them.

Thanks man, can’t remember the last time I’ve had to use a forum for product support and this one is a little funky lol.

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Customer service will respond after 24-48 hours to emails. They’re in a different time zone. @Doctorvanos

Try methods above and drop your lights on time down to 12 hours if it’s not already.

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I am not sure why everyone keeps telling me to contact CS…I didn’t start this thread. I’ve already contacted them and this is the result.

Before @dbrn32 even suggested it I dropped lights. 8.5hrs of dark immediately flipped the plant into flower. Bad genetics.

Also not sure why you guys keep saying this “is normal”. This is not. This is pretty weak genetics as far as “auto” genetics goes as obviously some of these seeds still have photo genes in them. My guess is that these are F1/F2, but we’ll never know since those details are never posted.

Lesson learned though, never buy seeds on sale from ILGM. Thanks @dbrn32 for the suggestion.

We always post grow questions on the forum, as then you can get advice and tips from our expert growers. If the question is regarding orders, or issues with seeds, then we deal with it via the customer support channel. Thanks

I have bought ALL my seeds when they do Buy10Get10. I am on my 6th grow having done about 10 total varieties. I have not had issues with any at all.