Northern Lights Gas Hog autoflower bloom advice

Hi everyone thank you for taking the time to read my words. So Auto-flowers are new for me figured I’d give them a try now that they really have the genetics more stable with higher yields. I currently have a beast that I have some concerns about, I was hoping to get the communities opinions on any potential changes I should make. Again this is my first auto pop but I have a few photos under my belt and try and continue to take in as much information and knowledge as possible I love every second of it.

Set up -
6 “ net W/ hydroton
4” air stone
Active aqua air pump
4x2 closet white latex paint Panda on one side (closet is divided by panda temp wall)
18/6 lighting Spider sf2000 QB (actual watt 202 equivalent too 400) atleast that’s what google says never put a reader under it
12 “ hurricane oscillating fan mounted near ceiling angled down to hit all flowers in space
6 in fan ground mounted facing toward the bottom of the beast to keep my airflow good (she’s hitting the walls)
Flora trio
Cal mag
SoS hydro guard
Average PH 5.8
Germinated 24 hrs 8/9 (paper towel method)
8/10 transferred to rapid rooter
Feed plain ph tap water 150ppm
Popped 8/13 popped
8/22 moved rapid rooter to net pot one layer of pebbles then rooter filled in clay )continued to fill as necessary till pot was full)
At this point I started to follow the feeding chart in the pictures. Now I did tweak it here and there as I saw necessary but this is close idea of what I did anyway. I have exact notes if needed.
Overall growth started slow but then she took off about half way through week 5
Now it wasn’t until 9/27 till I started to see beginning stages of preflower. At this point I started bumping my flora bloom And cutting back my flora gro.
She continued to stretch and was eatting and drinking like crazy and has massive root growth over the next few weeks. Week 7-8 I started to notice actual preflowers forming. I am now on week 9 and you can see by the pictures the plant size it self is impressive but the flower sights seem to be lacking. Now I have noticed from research that NL is a super slow auto I saw guys pushing 14/16 weeks. And most of the diaries I look at pictures and they are only slightly ahead of mine and are using 3 gal pots which would make sense they would be ahead a bit.
I talked to the breeder he says they won’t want to flower to much till my roots hit the walls or bottom of my bucket. They are finally to the bottom of the bucket and I have noticed more flower build up the last week and a half. I talked to my seed supply guy and he says it could be a mutant. So here is my questions.

Should I continue to feed based off the chart attached?

At 18/6 lighting is it possible that the plant rooted back to its original photo genes and is using the 6 hrs of dark for growth in which case I would obviously need to just flip it?

Should I thin out some of the foliage and possible sites that are under the canopy?

Is there somthing I could have done different because from what I understood I should have had huge buds on it that grew with the stretch?

Feel free to give any and all opinions I keep hearing guys say fuck doing hydro with autos stick to organic for autos but I enjoy hyrdo I like the extra work and control.
I’d also should make note I have other girls in the space with her all autos so if I flip to 12/12 I’m going to screw my yields. I also considered switching to 24 hrs thinking if my big girl went back to photo and is trying to bloom she can reveg I can finish my autos then give her my attention also if it is an auto I’ll know for sure because she will either continue to bloom or reveg. Again still trying to understand how the whole life cycle thing works with the autos I appreciate you guy taking the time to help me out and read my rambling let me know if you need any other info thanks!


@Not2SureYet Saw your pic of your 7week veg auto and haven’t got any replies thought I’d reach out to some members that seem to know their stuff any input appreciated if you got time man thanks

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Welcome to the forum and thanks for the tag. You are using the same nutes I used for years. So I have a pretty good feel for them. The feed chart there is right about what I feed for top feeding or the autopots. I won’t take you down my road yet :grin: Here is what is recommended for feeding normal to simplify it even more for you. I broke it down into Veg, Pre flower and Flower for when I feed and change nutes. Most of my grows do average about 7 weeks of veg.
For defoliating. My self, I wait until week 3 of flower has past. That way. I am sure the stretch is over. And I am not trimming some thing that might reach my scrog. I do the same when growing natural too.
Your girl is looking great. Mine look a little light on bud sites when I start flower as well. They will start building up fast though. Don’t worry about it having gone back to flower. You have buds building so you are good. :+1: I run a 16/8 light with my grows. These will even do well under a 12/12. I veg on the gas lantern. A 13/11 variation. All my autos in this grow were done that way. 1 was 12/12 for veg. They are all on a 12/12 for flower right now. I will try and check in often here. It is cooler today. So better for me :grin:
If you tag me. I get here quicker since I am days behind in here.
You have a nice grow going there :grin:

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Thank you for the reply @Not2SureYet I will honestly sleep better now that I have even one assurance that I should be good even with the long veg had growing concerns about her over the last 2 weeks. No pun intended. My other NL in coco was a lot more moderately sized so I was worried I messed up Nutes or somthing stupid and I was sure I did everything right I stay on my shit keep a journal of feeds but no one I know has dealt with a auto that size so I had no one to confirm with so again man thank you. I was on a different forum when I first started but got a bunch of negative feedback for no reason and just wasn’t feeling it this site seemed to have a lot more knowledge floating around and good vibes so I figure give it another go. Hopefully the ole girl starts to fill in soon I figure patience is key. I may switch to your light cycle tho because I’ve always noticed considerably more growth during dark hours but read 18/6 whole way thru with autos but I like the idea of half way in between. Thanks for tips man I’ll continue to follow your post :call_me_hand:

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I think you will find you like it here. This was my last big auto I did. In the last grow. I will be changing back to my GH nutes for autos from here out. Or at least till I get the Jacks figured out

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Yess bro they are beautiful flowers what strain is it and what genetics do you like the best for autos I use a company called so fem again was only my first run of auto so not a lot to base off of other then pics genetics are pretty good imo haven’t heard anything negative about them and they gave me no issues with stress really

This was my other NL had those two leaves pop out the center then stem grew around it I never had to top her and she split up real nice now I did end up tipping but not before she already did the spread I thought I his one was pretty cool

I should have took more stem pics to show it but it has about 4 gal of dirt it in it I expected more of a stretch from the bottom more and was going to fill in last gal but never happened
And I’m super stoked to have some people to discuss shit with cuz my girl hates me anymore cuz it’s all I talk about anymore but I just love it so much it’s pretty much all I think about it and just always want to learn more man and I never had anything that made me want to study in so great full to have found gardening shit keeps my mind right

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Mine was a triple xl auto in the picture. There are a lot of breeders I like. Heavy weight seeds has some nice strains. I really like the Critical purple and Fruit punch. I always make sure I have a few on hand. I grow in coco. So one of the main reasons mine get so big I believe. I average close to a 7 week veg time in it. Your girls there are looking great. My CP always pull 12oz or more. It is a super consistent strain

Yeah I was going for 8-16 zippys between 4 girls But 2 of my genetics were MSNL AK autos and other two were my so fem NL the ak didn’t really want to take I pulled the one in coco complete and transferred the dwc to coco to try and save it (it worked but now having my fans yellow in a in unhealthy way my ph plummeted I think that fucked with some uptake (looks like mag to me and N)

they ended up getting swapped with a blood lemon UK cheese zkittles autos I’ve been fast tracking them to try and get them to finish at the same time as my NL I just started my transition with Nutes at 4 weeks this time seems to be working they are still both getting good size the one in dwc more so then the one in coco But it’s not much difference my NL in coco stayed normal auto size and held all the traits of an auto
Here is the NL gas hog auto in coco

the dwc just got out of control I’ve been looking at my sites thinking how is she possibly going to fill at all those site I’ve never had a flower this big always did micro grows with photos when I was younger this was my 2 Nd run since I got back into gardening so glad I did shit saved my life foreal keeps me sober everyday but that’s irrelevant My Big girl seems to be liking the light change I got off of you

Any chance you have an example of flower about the time you pull your veg nute (flora gro) for me also please ignore the pics that got mixed in youl be able to tell which ones matter lol thanks again man hope all is well

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The ones will yellowing leaves need fed more. I did a MSNL AK-47 before. It has to this day produced the hardest buds I have ever grown. She was a little 5 1/2 oz plant under a pair of vipar spectra 450 lights.
For me. I run an insane amount of the flora grow all through flower. Here is the chart I feed by. And most of my autos are in the nice sized area I think. 8 - 14 oz
You will notice how I feed is a lot different than recommended

Here would be a GH type feed set up done right