Northern Lights Flower - 2nd Installment - SCROG

Looking simply superb

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You are not wrong! And yes @beardless has been awesome. I’m trying to grow these and I don’t even know the names of all the important bits! I know cola! hahahaha and the pictures always help :rofl:
I will ave to check out those youtube vids - watched so many - but don’t think I’ve seen those.

This is a different plant but it shows the before and after LST better.
Photo A Lines 1 and 2 show the side branches at nodes 1 and 2 (nodes are the intersection or joint between branches and the main stem or between a branch and new secondary shoots) The V 3 are the new stems created from topping the main stem at the 3rd node (the leaves were removed) This V is then tied down.

In photo B you can see how the stem at V3 have been separated and tied down
If no further topping is done, this plant will produce 6 terminal colas. One at the end of each branch.
If you top each branch a 2nd time you will then have 12 terminal colas. Some growers may remove all flower sites below the terminal colas with the goal of growing fewer larger colas.
If the original topping was done above the 4th node, this would provide another two branches and therefor 4 additional terminal colas.
I wish these were of my handiwork but they are not. @arrow posted these. I saved them for my reference. They show two different approaches to arrive at 16 huge colas. I hope he doesn’t mind my re-posting them with my scribbling.
Masterpieces of training and pruning.


That makes sense! Light bulb moment!
I was thinking in reverse! Shows How much I know about plants! hahahaha

Somehow, my brain had the first topping as the starting point - in that you then topped what grew from there. But it’s not. It’s the branches you are creating below the first topping!

@Arrow that really is a work of art - I hope you don’t mind the helpful graffiti


It is a thing of beauty… Well done bro, you will reap the rewards…:sunglasses::v:

Thank you for the kind words bro…:sunglasses::v:

Do you have problems with little gnats running around your soil? I do
There not eating anything above ground that I see

Come do mine please I don’t know where to start

Everything so packed together


Those look amazing… I was looking up trimming today, I didn’t do any trimming, I too large fan leaves and bent them, (most broke), below the colas, but I think next time I am going to do more sculpting. But by those standards my humidity has been way low.

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Thank you just seen your post
Thanks Yea the still hanging tough. Knock on wood. I know things can turn south very quickly. My first grow I really have know idea what I’m doing. Got a lot of help here on forum and been watching a lot of you tube videos. Have about three more weeks of veg before I flip the lights for the blue dream. I mess up by growing auto and photo and only have one area for both so I don’t know what is going to happen to the auto when I do. There auto. They are Beautiful

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I believe the auto is starting to flower I’m not sure. I watered yesterday and did a ppm test on the runoff
4 of them were in the low 2000 2 of them were in the high 2000. In growing organically at lest I think so I’m using my own mix Of compost coco core and worm castings There under 600 watt Mh and 3 hgl100 4000 k temps range between 79 at night lights out and 81 to 83 lights on. Have a 6 inch Exhaust for mh and a 4 inch for fresh air coming in from outside. Making a compost tea as I speak I plan on giving them some in a day and 1/2. Gave them fox farm grow at 1/2 strength Twice and 1 tea about two weeks into grow.

Yes I did. Here is one of the little buggers
I was advised to spray with Captain Jacks Deadbug spinosad. This takes care of the fliers. To kill the larvae in the soil, sprinkle a couple of granules of Mosquito Bits. You can also use diatomaceous earth on the soil. It tears up the crawlers.

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Yes that’s the bugger but that’s a good one he’s dead lol
I read about using that dia earth Supposed to work good. I like keeping my top of soil a little most because of the clover. Found out that’s the contributor factor. Found a product call scanmask something about beneficial microbes or something.
I just put up those yellow glue traps and watch my watering now and let the soil be dry on top seems to knock down the numbers.

When you use the bits do you make the tea if just sprinkle on soil. A lot of good reviews on them I see thanks

I just placed 8-10 on the surface of each pot. Today is first day of water after I put them there. I imagine they will dissolve and do their thing
The dose is a really small amount. 1 tsp/100sq ft. Hard to translate that to a grow bag. Not much so hopefully I didn’t over do it.

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Yours are in flower?

I bought this stuff but no way I’m going to use it after reading the cations lol

There is a reason it kills stuff. “in flower?” - yes day 33. That is one reason I used spinosad spray - mainly on the lower parts and light spray over the canopy. Maybe the dia. earth is your best choice. It is food grade. It can apparently be mixed in with feed and dog / cat foods. Yumm

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Yum yum
there small can’t eat much. Keep them at bay should be ok