Northern Lights Flower - 2nd Installment - SCROG

They were well into flower before giving it any consideration. Took a couple cuttings, they appeared to make so took one off of the frosty one. The first ones eventually died - no surprise. The last one, I’m not sure about. It has been a couple weeks, it hasn’t died but is not doing much of anything either.
I started with autos. This is my first photo.

Retirement is a beautiful thing. No more clients, I have no clue where my phone is most of the time let alone the day of the week. No more 60 hour weeks. It really doesn’t matter. Plus - covid hermit time.
I use an upstairs bathroom as a veg space. A little inconvenient. Thinking of setting something up next to the lab. A wall, a little HVAC and electric and I could have a really sweet set-up.
These are all autos dried and cured. Blueberry 3.7 Amnesia Haze 3.5 White Widow 3.6
This is the blueberry- compact and dense

The white widow. Also compact and dense


Wow really nice. Good yields

Thanks. The blueberry was a very easy grow. I wish 4 would have germinated but 3 had to do. Also, curious as to how they would have done under my new light setup.

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I have been putting off starting the next plants for the tent. On 7/18 I put 5 strawberry kush into water with a little peroxide. Nothing after two days. Moved them to damp paper towel and covered them up. Hoping they would pop. Nothing after 4 more days. Damn - ok put them in starter pots just in case, domed them, 5 day later nothing. Soooooo, dropped 5 AK-47 yesterday. 5 little tails today. Not big so put them on paper towel till tomorrow. Then will put in starter pots. Contacted ILGM and let them know what was up. Heard back today already with credit in hand. Thinking about grandaddy purple so may go with a couple different mix packs. Purple, Kush, Sweets, Indica or Persian. Indica heavy this go around. If you have a couple mix packs or strains you like in these, let me know.

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Been eyeballing Persian myself but just got zkittlez 20 fem and 10 autos. If I want to stay married I better cool it. :grin::grin:


In post 141 were some trichome pictures. Some of those and more are at Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds and a bunch more from other growers.

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Got me some silica haven’t given any yet Says to add first to water then stir and then add other fertilizer. So not to get cloudy.
I wasn’t going to add anything else just plan distilled water
Is it ok to give by itself?

no problem

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Traded spots in the tent between two plants. So I thought I would grab a few photos.
Moved this one from the front to the back

I left a lot of stems to flower

Moved #5 to the front. Easier to check trichs and pull for her dark closet time.

These are some of her trichomes. Clear, mostly cloudy with occasional amber


Thanks Looking Really Nice
I been wanting to ask if you rotate your plants but didn’t want to seem
Like a pest. Does it help to do that

If I am not using a net, yes I may change there positions. Either turn them individually or replace one with another, In this case, I moved the one that will be harvested first to the front of the tent for better access. Very few buds had reached through the net so it was very simple and safe to do. I just cut the zip ties and rolled the net out of the way.
I did not replace the net. Not need to.


Looking frosty in there brother…your killing it…:sunglasses::v:

How many weeks are they
In flower @beardless

Thanks - a bit of a waiting game at this point. She does confuse me though. After I moved her I watered them all with plain dehumidifier water. Once again her ppm was over my pen’s reading even though her input water’s ppm is under 500. Ran 2 more gallons through to get the ppm down to 2500.

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Welcome aboard. I flipped on 6/1 so exactly 60 day. They stated throwing pistils 6 days after flip.

The waiting game sucks, it never gets better. You can basically ride it out now, you have passed the critical stages. The closer you are to full organics, the more you are going to get confused on run off numbers, one reason I don’t bother flushing… welcome @Wllbuckhunter1971, you will find this forum full of knowledge…:sunglasses::v:

There used to be an old Green Giant brand TV commercial with a tag line Picked at at the Peak of Freshness. Sounds soooo easy. I’ll check her trichomes one more time and am thinking she will be ready for the closet around Tuesday or Wednesday. HUMMM

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Yeah I hope to learn alot
Looks like you did everything right with these lady’s. Let us know how many ozs you get off of them.

The forum is a great resource with a lot of very accomplished growers that are willing to share their expertise in all sorts of styles and mediums. if you want to reach out to someone in particular use @beardless for example.
I will know the weights for all of them in about a month. It will be another couple of weeks before they all get harvested. Then dry and another two weeks to cure before I pull weight. I know the frosty one won’t weigh as much as some the others. She is much smaller overall but sure looks tasty.

Sounds good I’m set to watching