Northern Lights first full week of flower

36 day old Northern Lights first grow. First week with flowering and real lights. Look ok?


Will these have a chance at a ok yield for a first timer? Thanks

They look huge fir 36 days old. I think you will have a good harvest providing all keeps going well. Either way, ask questions when you need.
Happy growing!


Thanks, I think they are a bit to big to me. But I am a newbie. I had crappy LED light the first 4+weeks. I just added the CMH315 last Saturday.

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Ditching the fox farms Nutes. Going to recharge the soil and switch to these then overdrive the last 3weeks. Hopefully decent results.


I’ve heard good things about Sensi

I would say they look great. I just put mine in my 32/32/63" Tent after 9 days in Jiffy Pelltets they were 4" Tall & leaning bad. Someone on the Forum said they were starved for Sunlight. They all 5 spouted within 3 days after I put my Pellet Dome on Cable Box. Anyway someone said to put them in Tent after transplanted to my 3 gallon fabric grow pots. He said to put them in tent and turn light on for 48 hours. I went full light for about 21 hours then changed them to 18/6. I hope I didn’t Shock them to death. Today they are 11 days old, and just have the 4 leafs on them. I used FFOF Soil & added extra Perlite. This is my first time indoor grow or first grow period. Wish me Luck.Ranman.


I have a question if you mind. I have been running 18/6 the whole time so far. I am 2 weeks into flower and since about 3weeks ago they droop 2-1/2 hours before lights out. Then perk right up when Lights come back on. Does cutting them to 12/12 hurt the yield in anyway from 18/6 . Was wondering if more recharge time is better now to produce buds? Thanks for your input in advance.

That’s kinda a tough question for me as I never run 12/12 for autos unless I’m flowering photos in the same tent (I run 18/6). I will tell you there is an amazing auto grower on here @HornHead who runs his autos first couple weeks 24, then 18/6 till flower, and 12/12 to finish. He Gets amazing yields with this schedule. I think it all comes down to if you have a good enough light to give them what they need when it’s on.

Also, your plant gets droopy before lights out as it becomes familiar with its sleep schedule (preparing for its rest). Nothing to worry about, perfectly normal.

1 full week under the new CMH315. Budding up nice I think? Thanks


Looking great!
Can’t wait to see how they turnout.

Happy growing!

nice hortculture there