Northern Lights - First Ever Grow

Update: Looking good after topping. Can see the new 2 stem growth. It’s getting pretty tall too

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Good man, after you top its going to take some time and sunshine and you should be A OK. When it rains that hard if you have a way to protect that plant by moving it under a roof overhang or covered porch that would help her. Obviously some people don’t have that luxury who are in the ground, but you have a mobile pot.


@IslandGrown76 @PurpNGold74 This plant has grown 18inches since topping 15 days ago. I feel like it’s going to get rather large. When do outdoor plants go to flower? September? Anyway, I don’t know if I want to end up with an 8ft plant. If I was to top again, how does it work the 2nd time?

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Make sure you top both tops. It works but honestly im not an outdoor grower. Ive heard to many toppings can mess up the bud to stem ratios and make u HAVE to support branches.

Also topping too close to flower can hurt yield, long as ur not seeing pistils ur fine.

Alot of people are seeing pistils now where they usually dont until August. You MAY end up with a semi tree. So looking into supercropping and supporting maybe to your advantage.

Right below this leaf

Get out there and put ur top finger and thumb on the stem. And crush that baby. Like smush smash rub and crush it somemore. U want it to fold yet not break the skin.


Thank you. I ended up watching several videos about it and still chickened out haha. It’s my first plant, didn’t want to ruin anything. I’ll try some more training next grow.

However, are these pistils? I can’t tell if this is pre-flower or not.

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Yup. Those 2 white hairs are pistils. The green spikes are called stipules. But the curls bright white hairs are girlie parts.

And I did a round of cropping the other day. Break at least on stem every time. And they keep kicking. U still have bout a 10 day window to crop without fear. They are tough plants. But I can understand a bit of hesitation. Been there

I think I’ll try that with my next grow. I ended up doing some LST with it