Northern Lights - First Ever Grow

I’m a pretty good gardener, and start all my plants from seed, and had what I thought was a pretty nifty indoor set-up for seed starting (until I saw some of the pics on this site haha). So I decided to finally give marijuana a try. I ordered 10 Northern Lights Feminized seeds from ILGM.

My plan:
Germinate in water cut (ILGM’s recommendation). Plant in 4inch plastic pots. Grow indoors until strong enough to be transplanted into 15gallon fabric pots outside.

My materials:
4ft T5 light (can’t remember brand, I thought iPower). Seedz 48inch heat mat. Timer. Master Gardner Potting soil. Pro Mix Organic soil.

Day 1
I drop 2 seeds in a glass of RO water, cover it with a black plastic pot, and put it on my heat mat. I had to cover because some of my cucumbers and peppers were still under my grow light.

Day 2
No change, I add new water.

Day 3
One of the seeds had cracked open. And I can see the taproot. I move to damp paper towel on a plate, with an inverted plate on top. Back on heat mat.

Day 4
The taproot has not grown at all since the day before. The other seed still closed. I decide to plant them in 4 inch pots with Master Garden potting soil. I start 2 more seeds in water cup.

Day 5
One has sprouted! 1st pic at 9am. 2nd at 7pm.

One of the new seeds opened up. I transfer both to damp towel in between plates.

Day 6
Seedling is getting tall

Taproot on new seed is about 1/3inch, I plant that in a 4inch pot with Pro Mix organic soil


Nice start congratulations on your new babies


Doing good so far id only recommend not leaving the seeds in water for more than 24hr after 24hr put it into the paper towel if left in water for more than 24hr you run the risk of drowning the seed but you can definitely leave it in the paper towel for a day or 2 until you have a solid 3/4in taproot then into the soil


Yes, thank you. Very confusing when ILGM recommends keeping in water for up to 72 hours for it to sprout


I second the 24 hour rule. 36 tops. Then paper towels for me as well for a few more or til I see a root.

Nice start. Happy you g lady. Best of luck with ur grow


Day 7
I added more soil to the top of the pot

Day 8
Seedling still getting tall. Leaves are looking good. Is this too leggy? I can’t imagine it’s stretching for light, my T5 light is about 9 inches away from it. Also 2nd seed finally popped through the soil


I’ve read if the seedlings get leggy then the light should be moved closer but be wary of the intensity. The plant is stretching to reach the light source

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I run my t5 a little closer it’s a 24 watt and I run it about 4 inches at the start and move up as they grow.
Leggy seedling can always be burried a little deeper at transplant.
Looking good :v::green_heart:


If you can increase to a larger container such as a 25 or 30 you will be much happier in the long run. Looking Good!!

Oh, also get a small fan, that is going to help alot!! You want those seedlings lightly dancing not hurricane force. This with strengthen stems a ton and make them not leggy and creates a nice airflow

Thank you! I’ll get a fan going. I plan on transplanting to 15gallon fabric pot for its final home outside. I was hoping to keep it in this pot until that time so I only do 1 transplant, do you think I need to do it sooner, or do a transplant to a medium pot before that?

When will you be putting it outside? I personally would transplant into another container after seedlings are about 10 or 12 days old. If it were me I would go into and gallon simple nursery pot, you’ll be happy you did that. And, if you can try a couple in bigger than 15 gallon containers try that as well. Bigger roots, bigger plants :wink:

I start in solo cups then a 2 gallon, then a five gallon, and 50 gallon final container. With that said I also start in mid April so I think for your situation 4 inch pot, to 3 gallon to your final pots. Here is a pic of when I transplanted my solos into 2 gallons. The seedlings were transplanted May 2nd and the other pic is 8 days later


I planned on moving outside once it seemed strong enough, maybe 12 inches or so. With my cucumbers and peppers, I do it around then and begin to get them acclimated to sunlight.

But I was wondering about lighting schedule. Right now, my lights are mimicking the daylight times, about 15/9. I see everyone recommend 18/6 indoors, but was unsure how that would affect the plant once it goes outside and gets less light time?

Should be fine. Where do you live? I do 18/6 then a few weeks before they move outdoors I lessen the light an hour a week so I end up around the same. I plant out on summer solstice June 20th

That’s a crazy amount of growth in 8 days! That’s awesome! I live in the Midwest, Illinois. Overnight temps finally got above 50 last week haha. It seems like my schedule might time out for a June transplant. But honestly, I have no idea what this plant is going to look like in a month. Seems like it grows fast. I’m used to veggies, for instance here is my cayenne peppers at 6 weeks. Right before transplant

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Yes, cannabis grows like it’s nickname…A Weed!! :laughing:

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I use insect frass from a company called Frass Valley. Check them out on Instagram, all natural and does crazy wonders for healthy roots. NPK IS 2-2-2. you can top dress, ammendment, foliar spray or use in compost teas. I don’t use any bottled nutrients with the exception of CalMag in every other watering


That is some great 8 day growth bro. Solid advice all around


The insect frass produces insane healthy growth in combination with coast of maine Stonington blend soil. Here is from seedling to one month (34 days)