Northern Lights Feminized pics questions

Those are cucumbers.


I would take a deep breath and figure out how you might have mislabeled your pots, or accidentally planted two seeds in one cup.

I can see what appears to be a cannabis seedling in the background. What’s that?


Agree, cucumbers. Cucumber seeds look nothing like cannabis seeds.


That is other seedlings from ILGM. They are going great so far. Although 4 of those didn’t take. But we did 8 so far of northern lights and these are what sprouted. We don’t have any cucumber seeds so not sure why that’s happening. We have 12 more to try again. Soaking 4 now. Hopefully we don’t have more cucumber’s :grinning:

Can you take a pic of the seeds and upload it here?

I’ve mislabeled more than a few seedling trays in my day.

Agreed Bobby. Cucumber seeds are totally different. We buy cucumber plants though and we don’t have any cuc seeds. This was new feed soil right from the bag. The next 4 we’re using co-co to try for better results because out of 8 seeds germinated and planted this is all we have to show for it.

I can but at work now so I’ll do it in a few hours.

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Ok that’s weird
Another member has what looks like a blade of grass and he bought here too

There’s no way you would mistake any grass or cucumber seed for a cannabis seed. Maybe if you didn’t have a cannabis seed to compare it to, there are some obscure plants that resemble cannabis seeds. But cucumber seeds are completely different in size, shape, and color, and the OP clearly had cannabis seeds in addition to these. My guess is they’re volunteers. Or this is down to confusion.

Maybe wife or friend playing a joke!


That’s a funny joke lolololol🤣

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Maybe they are playing a joke on us!! Grass & now cucumbers? Come on. Is this a dog?

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Don’t think you could mistake cucumber seed for cannabis

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A picture of one of those tiny pumpkins you see around Halloween and say they grew it from a seed from here

Funny gag

Looks like pole beans. Plant em on a fence row with full sun and a little manure

Haha funny you guys😀 so yes my wife said since its so hard to get plants in our area so she did get cuc seeds and she used the same soil probably where they came from. And probably why the NLF seeds didn’t pop. So trying another batch with clean soil lol I bought 5 varieties and the other varieties we only had 2 not pop so that’s pretty good in my book.


Anyways, welcome to the forum Dedetom. Keep us posted on your grow.