Northern Lights either did not germinate or shrivelled up-hydroponics

From a fellow grower: bought 10x northern light feminized seeds.I planted six seeds two came up got to about a half inch then shriveled up.the other four never sprouted. These pictures show the hydroponic system I’m using.two came up and died immediately.Four never came up after two months.I soaked the seeds in distilled water for twenty four hours.



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Are you trying to germ these using the hydro or aeroponic set up in the pic? I use rock wool and just keep the rock wool moist until I get a few roots going then I use the hydro/aero to feed or water. Need more info your germination method, I’ve had about 95% germ rate with ILGM seeds :love_you_gesture:


What he said :point_up_2:

Wet roots lead to damping off (root rot) in seedlings. Give them minimal water until they establish a root system. Be sure to maintain the water level below the net pots in your system.


thanks for the info.I’ll try using the rock wool method untill i get some roots. thanks again.