Northern Lights-deficiency?

Hello. I have 1 Northern Lights plant; 2 weeks & 5 days old. I’ve noticed the cotyledons have turned yellow. Is this normal?
I’ve also noticed the two biggest leaves are tinting yellow from the tip down… It’s not too bad yet, but I would love to fix it lol

The Northern Lights is indeed indoors.
I haven’t given the plant any nutrients yet.
The soil is Happy Frog soil. I give it about 6.5 ph’d water… The temp is usally around 69-73 degrees F. The RH is usually around 40-55%.

That’s all I really test right now…
If anyone has anyone advise or opinions; feel free to help me out :ok_hand:t4:

your plant looks ok cotyledons just turn yellow and die off it ok you my want to transplant just my opinion :v:

Looks fine. I agree that you are getting close to transplant time. I also believe that the plant has emough growth to give it some nutrients. I would mix up some at 400ppm 6.5 ph, and give her a dose. :slight_smile:

Thanks Latewood :slight_smile: I actually transplanted the day I posted the pics. I did give her a dose of fox farms nutes; she loved it lol :+1:

Thanks hillcrest! I though I replied :flushed:
My apologies :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advise!

Best regards