Northern lights autoflower

A question from a fellow grower:

Greetings, I’m on day 31 from seeds. (Northern Lights autoflower) Still no signs of flowering. Hydroponic in a cash crop 4.0. 18/6 lighting. I did have an issue with root rot that was successfully treated with H202 and Hydroguard. The nutrients have been kept at grow; have not switched to bloom. The plants (5 of them), are about 5 inches tall. Any suggestions? Shall I maintain a holding pattern or do something different? I wouldn’t mind the plants getting a little bigger prior to flowering.

autoflower genetics should determine flowering time, not hours of darkness.

that being said, if you want to TRY and initiate budding, change the light schedule if you are impatient…but you say you want them to veg more

imo, you have your answer

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