Northern Lights Autoflower Trichomes

Hello! I planted a Northern Lights autoflower in soil on June 1. I think it’s getting ready to flush, but I can’t get a read on it’s trichomes. Can anyone take a look at these pictures and tell me what you think?



Not ready yet in my view, to immature.
More zoom helps the read, like a USB microscope.

Northern lights is a heavy indica so getting some Amber will help with that effect.


I agree with @Nicky they look early to me. Still quite clear/glassy. When they turn cloudy they’ll lose a lot of that shine. And yeah if you wait for a few ambers, then you’ll know most others are cloudy.


I appreciate your insights. My vision doesn’t focus on close up pictures. I thought I’d go by smell, but that wasn’t helpful. LOL

I just know they smell yummy!


Well keep posting beautiful pics of your trichs like these and we’ll be your eyes lol. Dobyou know what kind of high youre looking for? Like a more clear, energized high or sleepy couch-lock feel?


Thank you, Brads! I’ll pick door #1. I can do sleepy couch-lock by myself LOL.

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Still not ready to many clear trichomes but looks good

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Thank you, Tezza2. The suspense is killing me! LOL

Here is a Bruce Banner auto that I planted two weeks after the Northern Lights.

I did have a USB microscope, but it shit the bed. I bought another one from Amazon and took this picture with it.

Now I have a stupid question. I know we flush the plants two weeks before we harvest, but are they flushed every day?