Northern lights Auto

I plan to grow some northern lights auto flower seeds how big of a pot do I need for auto flower?

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3-5 gallon pot, depending on grow area

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Hi Pollo,

I’m growing the same variety, all in 3-5 gallon pots. This variety (at least my version of it) seems to grow outdoors to somewhere around 90 cm to 110 cm and appears to be appropriate for this pot size.

One thing to note is that, because of the short life cycle of the plant (my seed producer says 8 weeks, but it’s looking more like 10-11 weeks) you really have to be careful of any root damage or transplant shock when changing pots. If your plants experience root shock and need a week to adjust, your yield may be noticeably impacted.

I’ve got one beauty that’s loaded with nice buds and a second plant that is half the size and only just now starting to show any bud production. They were both germinated at the same time from the same stock and grown under the same conditions, except that one plant’s roots were disturbed as a seedling and the other plant’s roots were not. I wish I had pictures to share because the difference between the 2 plants is dramatic.

On the grow after that I decided to move plants from their initial containers right into their final 3-5 gallon growing spots in order to reduce opportunities for transplant shock/stress. I also took the small starting containers I was growing the seedlings in and made some modifications:

  1. I cut out the bottom of 1 container and made a complete slit down the side of the container as well
  2. I then slid the altered container into an identical sized unaltered container, and then planted my germinated seeds inside

When it came time to transplant I simply prepared the final container, made a hole in the soil that matched the size of the starting containers, then removed the outer container and gently placed the seedling still inside the original modified container directly into the soil. Once that was done I slid the container out of the soil, leaving the plant unharmed and the roots unstressed by the transplant. The seedlings that were transplanted this way look significantly more vigorous than my previously transplanted Northern Lights Autos.

I hope this helps. :wink:



Got any idea what’s going on

Sorry @Pollo831 but the pics don’t appear to have uploaded.

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Hi @Pollo831

My eye sight isn’t great but the lower part of the leaf appears to have been eaten. Also, in the first pic, the top left part of the main stem looks like it may have a bug on it? I’d love it if someone with better vision that me could add their 2 cents.

Either way, I’d do a close visual inspection of my plants, and if I saw any creepy crawlies I’d use an insecticidal soap spray that was safe for consumption (commonly sold for tomato and veggie plants).


I also see a little black spot that could be a bug and leaves look chewed on but I am by far not an expert never had bugs so far hope to keep it that way
Keep up the good work
Happy growing

Trainwreck auto left and Northern Lights auto right. 40 days from seed


Currently just started my first grow with northern lights auto, royal queen. If I can grow something half as nice as this then I’m doing good :grin:

Hi can anyone tell me how to ask a question or make a post apart from a reply to an existing g question?