Northern lights auto update

how much longer till harvest time her first day pop out of soil was jun 22

My White Widow auto is about 5 days older than yours, and I’m figuring about 2-3 more weeks. I’m going to give nutes this week and then flush. I’ve got all clear trics right now, I’ll probably harvest at 10-20% amber, I like a good head high!

Lets see the actual size of those buds instead of a closeup?

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8 weeks old today! :slight_smile:


I’m not sure why people ask this question. Not to sound rude, but dude, when you buy the seeds it straight up tells you right away how long your plant takes to flower. Yea, some of the autos don’t finish on the expected days, but they still give you a timeline.

What seed bank sold you that Northern Lights? You’ll want to go to their website or contact their customer service for the information.

We cant tell you when she’ll be done, that’s on you to figure out. But if you go find out more about your exact strain from whatever seed bank you got it from, then you should be able to tell us what the answer is!

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I got them from a friend that why I ask to see if anyone can tell me… One question can you take Clones from an auto flower

Bud porn!!! Best part of this site is seeing all the good progress being made. I hope soon everyone will have acess to grow their own meds, and people will need to learn all they can about the growing.

Typical Northern Lights strains will flower from 8-10 weeks.

And no, you cannot clone an auto flower. It would be awesome if we could though!