Northern Lights auto plant has 3 stem leaves and 3 1st leaves

From a fellow grower: my seedling is not doing well. All the other girls are fine. Mine sprouted three STEM leaves, then sprouted three true leaves. Is it ok?


It happens. Nothing to worry about. She looks okay.

Your grow medium looks awfully wet. Keep in mind that seedlings need very little water (a couple ml of water per day,) and that cannabis likes wet and dry cycles. Give a bit of water and then let the soil dry out before watering again.

Better yet, don’t water soil at all and cover the seedlings with a dome (clear Solo cup or cut plastic pop bottle) and then mist inside the dome a couple of times a day with a spray bottle. The seedling can get all of the water it needs from the humidity in the dome. It isn’t necessary to water at all for a week or so until the plant develops a root system if using a dome.


Keep an eye out for a leprechaun looking for his Green Clover!! :rofl: :joy:
That’s pretty cool though. It’s like the occasional twin stalks some people have gotten in photos.
Should be a cool grow for you!
Good Luck!


Thats crazy! I wonder if it’ll be like two plants growing from one… Like topping without topping… Would love to stay updated on this.