Northern Lights auto is a huge beanstalk and Blueberry auto were really small seeds, none grew, help?

A customer has a question or concerns and I hope we can get some opinions on it, thanks

"I have an auto amnesia haze and northern lights planted same time. Amnesia haze is 2 weeks + flowering and nothing from northern lights, it just a huge beanstalk. Also, the blueberry seeds I got in the mixpack, none of which grew, were really small seeds compared to the others bit disappointed with that. I have grown white widow, amnesia haze and northern lights thus far all same way with good results. 3 of the 5 blueberry did not germinate. 1 sprouted and died the other never really got going one leaf opened and 2 weeks later no growth it never got its first set of leafs.

  • Strain, blueberry
  • Soil, coco
  • Ph, 6.2
  • Nutrient mix, no nutrients given never got to that stage
  • Indoor
  • Lights, led 300w x2
  • Temps, 80f day, night 75f
  • Humidity day 65% night n/a
  • Ventilation yes 1 x 100mm fan
  • Ac no
  • Co2 no

I think the northern lights might have stretched quite a bit it is starting to show some signs of flowering i will keep an eye on it for the next few days. As stated previously have grown white widow, amnesia haze, and northern lights all the same way and never had problems just couldn’t get the blueberry to go the only thing i have noticed was the seeds themselves were really small compared to the others. Any advice would be greatly appreciated."

Was your Northern Lights an autoflower? I just grew a NL photoperiod plant and I switched to 12/12 at 21" tall, It topped out at about 49". That was about the maximum height I could have without modifying my 400 watt HPS lamp, so it all worked out. Glad I switched when I did. 7 ounces primo dry buds.

Are those really 300 watt LEDs or are they “300 watt equivalent”. Look at the ad and see how much power they draw. I bet they are much lower and you got so much stretch because your light level is too low.

I think you want pH 5.8 in coco.

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