Northern Lights Auto grow small buds weak looking plant

Hi Folks: This is my 4th grow. Had a lil trouble with one in he first batch but everything has gone pretty well including last grow which was also NL auto. Decent yeilds.
These are our current three plants, one grew to be real tall. But they are at their end, almost 11 weeks and plants appear real sickly and buds are few and small. Bud pistils have just begun to turn.
We used Happy Frog Ocean Forest and fox farm nutes following their schedule which worked very well til now. We did have a humidity spike for 2-3 days, in the mid 80s a week or so ago.
Posting three pics one couple weeks ago and two from tonight.
Still a newbie id appreciate any help.


You are following the schedule at full strength?? Have you been watering to runoff and testing your runoff?

I would flush them very good with water only at a ph of 6.5 and give her a week or two to come around before you feed again. She looks severely over fed with a ph crash, she isn’t even using water at this point.


Have you been feeding to liberal run off and testing the PH and PPMS? FF nutrients are heavy in salts and accumulate very easy without feeding to run off. I suspect the PH of the medium is low and the PPMs are high creating lock out…preventing nutrient absorption :love_you_gesture:

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That’s a catastrophic failure. When you see a plant that looks like that all over and not just a stem or a few leaves then you know its a problem in the root zone. Normally I first suspect something like root rot or stem rot on the main stem but for all 3 to do it at the same time would be an almost impossible coincidence. So I would guess one of two things has happened…
First, did the soil dry out to the point it became hydrophobic? Soil can get dry to the point it wont take water and it just runs past the soil and out the bottom without wetting the inner area where the roots are. That would cause a complete plant failure.
Second, and this has been mentioned, whatever was given the plants last time was so far out of range it caused the roots to be unable to take up anything. Accidentally doubling up on food, pH adjusters, or something else but whatever it was either locked out uptake or burned the roots causing them to stop working. Because its happened to all 3 at the same time it is most likely one of those two reasons.
Pests like root aphids can do that but it would more likely be one plant doing it first rather that all 3 at once.

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Lil additional info.
They looked wonderful til week 9. Only nut change was stopping Grow Big and addition of Big Bloom week 6 We did notice some compaction of OF soil, was about a quarter of way down from top of 5 gal fabric pots. Wonder if the compaction caused some kind if nutrient/water lock.
The plants are gone for sure. We are going to dry the buds we have. Are they ok to smoke?
Thanks for help.

Powdered yucca added to water helps with hydrophobic soil. I got this information from a company that used to supply nutrients but they went out of business.

Big Bloom only contains the micronutrients (iron, boron, copper,…) that your plant needs. It should be fed throughout the grow cycle.