Northern lights auto genetics!

Okay so unfortunately we can’t buy from ILGM in Canada yet but I’m a pretty active member here and your my community so I’m going to ask the questions / for opinions anyways.

I have a deal from another seed bank, they owe me some swag/ freebies, and they Cary a couple different genetics of northern lights and northern lights autos.

I’m looking for the strongest couch lock I can get but I also am concerned about having a bit of cbd in it, really hate how all strains world wide are either tons of thc- tons of cbd- or a 1:1 ratio, I want lots of thc but still a fair bit of cbd.

My first question is how much cbd does northern lights have in it? Now I believe sensi seeds is one of the closest to pure genetics and I THINK I read it could be 0.1-1% but that seems low considered some places list it as high cbd or medium.
Like do the non autos have more cbd? Struggling to find % ranges.

But if I do go for autos I have narrowed it down to:

Sensi seeds 16%, 400 g/m2, 60-90cm, 60 days to flower

Pyramid seeds 16% thc, 1.6% cbd claims at seed banks+ grow diaries and canna connect (but their website said <-1%) +400 gr./M2, up to 160cm, 70-80 days to flower.

Royal northern lights auto 14%thc, cbd 0-1%, 550 gr/M2, 90 -120 cm, 70 days to flower.

Unfortunately seems like every website sais the effects are a bit different for each strain.


I wish I could help! My usual source for such info is having technical difficulties and I’m working a double shift tomorrow so I’ll be of no use. Good luck!


Bump, anyone?

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Im not the auto expert. @blackthumbbetty is. And i think she has an affinity for FastBuds autos. Sensi is also usually pretty good genetically. Try Subcool’s group (TGA- The Green Avenger) and other premium breeders like DarkHorse or In-House. Royal Queen is also a goodie. Just stay away from Barney’s Farm :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Alchimia’s northern lights cbd

CBD/THC ratio close to 1:1, with 9% CBD and 10% THC

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I do like Fastbuds, but I don’t have an affinity to them, per se. I am definitely not a strain expert, especially about Northern Lights. To be honest, it’s not a strain I know much about.

Delicious Seeds has a CBD Northern Lights, too. That page won’t load for me, so I don’t know the specs.


Not looking for a 1:1 definitely looking for more of a stone. A 3:1 would be better but very hard to find only a couple strains have it or something similar.

@PurpNGold74 thanks for the reply and hopefully @blackthumbbetty chimes in.
Why do you say that about barneys? And is it just for northern lights? I am growing their lemon potion right now and they seem to be pretty good genetics :
Lemon potion
60% Indica / 40% Sativa
BF Lemon Kush x CBD Crew CBD enriched x Auto
400 g/m²
65 - 70 days

I only have what true north seed bank stocks currently because like I said they owe me some swag and seeds.

@blackthumbbetty unfortunately the NL cbd strains have a high cbd content and a lowest thc content… So still going for a NL auto and not a cbd version.

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Enjoy the strain hunt!

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Just the couple of plants ive grown from them, their terps never really popped. They grow healthy and smoke decent… but terps are my deal now. My diesel had NO diesel flavor and afghan hash was frosty n smoking but barely a hint of funk u expect. More grassy/lemons.

Edit: of course my growing skills arent quite legendary :joy: could have been my fault


The seed bank I use has 38 different Northern Lights so I can’t help you.

Are you dead set on NL?

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Interesting @PurpNGold74 I am also interested in terps and I try to do my digging but no one really rates terps and it can be alot how a grow goes right? Royal has a pretty solid reputation it seems, they have won alot of awards and are listed on high times Hall of fame seed bank.

Wow that’s alot! Are they northern lights or does that include all the cross strains etc?
Yeah i really want a big fat pile of it sitting in my grow room all cured, so I can smoke it on days off and melt while watching that 70’s show with the wifey before we go to bed.

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Yeah that is mainly cross breeds of NL with something else. I’m not going to search what is what as that is a lot of work.

Yeah be there all day right lol me going through the NL and NL autos then finding the best info I could on each strain since the seed bank somehow doesn’t already do that.
Sorta conflicted about true North’s info because it can be differnt then I find on canna connect, grow diarys, and the breeders information.
Yet they have their in house genetics rated at 22%…yet no one else comes close, so I don’t know if I believe that.
I wish I could order 1 seed from each lol

Have you tried Blue Dream? It packs one hell of a punch. I’m afraid how it would be like under couch lock.

I meant to include that in my message. Definitely could have been grower’s error ie my fault. And no doubt Barney is a helluva lot better at it then me. Just something i noticed. Humboldt impressd me but some people wont but their stock. :man_shrugging:t5:

Haha Betty grew out alot of different ‘blue’ strains. Great way to compare stock. That would be a dream order… ‘hello seed bank can u just send me one of every reputable white widow u have available, thanks’


I know this is off topic but is this a good site to buy from? Is it ilgm site?? Cuz I can’t even find the site for this Forum

Hell yea! ILGM has some sick genetics. It isnt the most varied. But all the grail strains… bob has got em

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If you want high thc. The tangie auto is upward of 25% and the critical purple is 27% both autos. I use seedsman to check thc vs cbd ratios. I don’t smoke. but don’t see where a few % difference in thc would really matter. I am pretty sure we could both grow the same seeds and get different results due to different growing conditions. My best autos have been from heavy weight seeds or seedsman. I have not grown an auto from ILGM yet. Fast bud are good. but they have always turned out to be little plants for me. Shawmen genetics have strong seeds too. These are all for autos. Seedsman list there N at .5% cbd if that helps at all

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@PurpNGold74 I use Humboldt and had good luck with them. But I have so many seeds from different seed companies.

My source is doing a Black Friday Sale. Party at my place. BYOM…:joy::joy::joy:


Really?!? Im about to go look now! Dammit Peat ur gonna have me dipping into nute money for more seeds!!!