Northern lights auto flower issue


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So i have noticed this orange spoting on 3 or 4 fan leafs on one plant, i think ots a deficiency but not sure. My tap water is ph 7.0 and i have been bringing it down to 6.5 6.4 and just tested the run off and it is 5.3 so its too low. I have been told that i need no nutrients until finally transplant is root bound. Should i be uping the ph to compensate the natural drop in ph the soil os doing to get ph to 6.0-6.5?



You have a calcium deficiency looks to be brought on by pH. If your already giving nutrients then don’t increase, just fix the pH

If your not adding fertilizer then I would adjust oh and give them a small amount of fertilizer with some cal mag added in


No your in the flowering stage and you need fertilizer for sure to power bud production

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First I want to Welcome you to ILGM

Here is a pic of Calcium


Calcium excess in cannabis plants

Advanced Ca deficiency
Serious Ca deficiency

The excess of calcium is difficult to detect and causes a lock-out of various nutrients
such as potassium, magnesium, manganese and iron. In different hydroponic growing systems,
and when there is calcium excess in the tank it comes in contact with the sulphur of the
nutrient solution, this calcium precipitates and remains on the bottom of the tank.

In this circumstance, you will have to change the nutrient solution of the tank.

Calcium is an element that is directly related to the transpiration of plants. This transpiration
control comes, in essence, from the roots and the stomata, which are located on the leaves. It can
happen that the stomata are closed by an excess of heat, causing a superficial burn which could be
confused with a symptom of calcium deficiency.

It should also be noted that, with a deficiency of this element, plants are always more susceptible
to heat stress given that calcium contributes in the protein creation, which make plants more resistant
to high temperatures.

How to supply cannabis plants with calcium

As we have already mentioned, if you are using osmosis water for watering your plants you should
add calcium and magnesium before adding fertilisers to the nutrient solution. Since osmosis water
doesn’t contain any nutrients, your initial EC value will always be 0.0.

Fertilisers for marijuana plants already contain the necessary micro-elements for the life of the
plant, but there are nutrients such as calcium or magnesium which should be present in higher
concentrations – especially at the early stages – to ensure that marijuana plants have everything
they need to develop properly.

Tap water with an EC range of 0.3-0.4 is perfect, since this EC level is suitable to make the mix
with fertilisers and ensure right amounts of Ca and Mg in the nutrient solution. It should be noted
that, depending on the grown strain, it may be necessary to add extra calcium and magnesium during the
flowering stage to prevent deficiencies from the 4th – 5th week, when plants are in full bloom.

In this case, this extra supply is important so, on the one hand, plants can reduce any kind of stress
during the entire crop, and on the other hand we’ll harvest the best possible quality and quantity of buds.
For these cases you can use Aptus Regulator during the entire crop, reducing the water needs of the plant
to up to a 30% while making them more resistant to dehydration caused by high temperatures or periods of drought.

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Fixed the ph i think and added bone meal. Been a day for the bone neal. The big girl is 26 in tall about a month and a half in. I may have stunted its growth by transplanting. I was careful doing it but heard auto flowers should not be transplanted


The thing with Autos is they have a set time schedule to flower and be done. So any stress or problems that slow down it’s growth within that set time frame can effect it ever so slightly. So it’s not that they can’t be transplanted just that you risk slowing down it’s growth and of course depending on where you are in the grow cycle possible hermie.
She looks wonderful, I wouldn’t be worried :heart_eyes:

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