Northern lights auto day 11


So I started this plant in light warrior, how does she look? 11 days old today.


Looking good! :seedling:


So I’m getting ready to transplant this but I’m afraid to use the ffof because of those damn fungus gnats. I also have a bag of rapid rootz king soil. I battled fungus gnats once before and it was awful. I have not opened up any of the bags yet but I’m kind of dreading what might be in there. :neutral_face: I keep reading about how it is a ongoing problem.


I’ve been getting gnats as well… I took the soil outside with 2 five gal buckets and mixed in DE then mixed it all up. I then out it back in the ffof bag… First time I ever did this so don’t know if it will work? But there is gnats in that soil for sure… Also have those yellow sticky pads in tent… @Noctis420


Damn that bites gonna go pick up some de and play sand I think


So I went with the rapid rootz king soil. The transplant was successful it literally took a min to transplant her. She was starting to grow roots around the pot so I think it was the perfect time. She is a little droopy because I let it get pretty dry but it’s in its permanent home now. Got some battery operated fans in there to help with air flow. I switched to the led lights and its way cooler in there now too plus the lights are like 5x stronger. Here is a pic. What ya think?



One day after transplant found fungus gnats crawling in it so I covered it with sand and taped the drain holes. Might trash it don’t know what else to do.