Northern Lights and Durban Poison regular seed

Got the seeds from ILGM yesterday :grinning: I am trying 3 of each in hopes of 1 male each for breeding.The females will go in the 4x8’ tent next to the GDP grow. The males if I get them will be outside till pollen then I will hand pollinate a branch of each female and a branch or 2 of the GDP.


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*Strain: Northern Lights(reg) Durban Poison(reg) ILGM

  • Method: Soil type TBD
  • Vessels: TBD
  • PH of Water, 6.3 carbon filtered water
  • PPM/TDS or EC of nutrient solution if applicable
  • Indoor
  • Light system: 2 QB 260 XL’s
  • Temps; Day 88° Night 74°
  • Humidity; 40% avg
  • Ventilation system; 6" Infinity fan with 16" carbon filter
  • AC in house
  • Co2; No

You’ll wanna be really careful with that pollen. A little goes a loooooong way


Nl seeds were swollen and I put in the Kindsoil seedling cups. The DP were all showing white tips and
I put 2 of the 3 into cups.

The third DP seed you ask?

Well… dont stand by a garbage can that has left over bird seed thrown in it when you have the DP SEED IN THE TWEEZERS!!! If it falls out you will never find it among the other seeds in the trash :anguished: So I put another in water!

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Took the top of Aerogarden and using over the seedlings.


1st DP pooped its head today.

Wow! Nobody caught the pooped!

Any way The second DP out of 2 is up. :grin:

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I feel sorry for your neighbors seedy crop!

Why? There will be no seedy crop except what I chose to pollinate.

Two of 2 DP have popped up. 3rd was dropped and lost. I have another in and waiting. None out of 3 so far on the NL :anguished: It has been 7 days.

I planted 4 GDP 2-DP 3-NL all at once. 3/4 GDP sprouted, both DP sprouted, none of NL. How long do I give the NL before trying more?

Well no responses so I just put 3 more in water. Need to see if they’re good or defective so I can get replaced if needed.

The 3rd DP is popping :smiley: Has to make me wonder on the NL seeds.

I have 3 Durban Poison up. 1 is 6 day(dp1)s 1 is 5 days(dp3) and one 4 days old(dp2). None of the NL sprouted. I put 3 more in water but nothing much happening in 4 days. ILGM is replacing with Super Skunk regular. I expect them today or tomorrow at latest.

The NL are in the back, still watering maybe they are just super slow bloomers, GDP FEM in the middle and the Durban Poison is in front.

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Thought I would try an experiment since they are lost anyway. The NL seeds were in water then in soil with the DP. All the DP sprouted but none of the NL. I have been watering just like they were still viable and going to surprise me by popping out their little heads. Well its been 2 weeks and the DP have leaves already so I just took the 3 NL out of the soil and they all just looked blackish and wet. I held and carefully squeezed until the shell cracked at the point end. You could see the white inside and it still looked alive.

I put the 3 in H2O2 water to see what they do. On the second 3 I put in water they look about the same as the first 3, nothing! 1 under magnifying glass looked like it wanted to crack and let the white tail out. I gently cracked it and the tail popped out about 1/8". I put it into one of the soil cups I had the original 3 in and we will see what happens. If I can get one of the 6 seeds to sprout it will be a miracle.

ILGM replaced them for me with the Super Skunk regular as I saw a lot of reviews with problems sprouting the NL regulars and did not want to try again with them. I really do want one regular NL to sprout so I can use in breeding. I do not even care at this point if it is male or female. I have DP regular, Super skunk regular and a pack of DJ Shorts original Blueberry regulars to play with.

#1 and #3 look great. #2 I do not think will make it.

Hello Farmer,

How many grows do you have under your belt?

Not sure you’re spraying them or not, however, I would stop spraying the seedlings, let them dry out a bit, especially one GDP.

How often are you watering?

@Big123 Recently 6 grows. I did spray but stopped. I kept the seedlings under cover as it was recommended but they are now off. I would say I over watered if I were to diagnose.

Reading and changing methods is killing me. Normally I would not cover seedlings and never had problems. I think 1 of the GDP has dampening off happening. The smallest I am not sure. I stopped watering my growing and flowering plants so much and am having a couple nice grows right now in 3rd week of flower. I need to go back to my own seedling routine that has worked well for me in the past.

You can see what I mean here. Enlarge for better view

I would only use covers for seedlings and germination if growing in desert dry no humidity. They need to dry out, where are they getting fresh air?
Intake and exhaust?
Do you have a little fan going?

@Big123 The seedlings are in another room in open air. They are sitting in a giant tub with the light over them. It gets air from house ac. No fan on it yet.

I have them on the floor now under the 4 QB135 boards that I built with @dbrn32 's help. They have been under the lights for 3 days now. No NL but 2 of the DP are looking good.I am going to figure out my seed problems and plant a couple more DP. I want to make sure I get at least 1 male.