Northern Lights about to harvest

I’m new to the community and I was wondering if my flower needs more time to ripen. This is my first ever grow, and I’m not familiar with trichome colors. I was hoping for a little bit more amber. I’m learning as I go along and used General Organics. I flushed it ten days ago and have been using pure water since. I completely lost track of how long this has been flowering.


Couple more weeks my friend, patience is key. Your looking good so far but you want more of the hairs to be orange as well . Good luck !


Your plant is looking good :point_up_2: is correct with all the white hairs it’s still building buds. This should help determine when you want to harvest.


And welcome to the site.

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Just chill and don’t over think it. Do you have a something to magnify and take pictures. You want to be looking at the main cola’s not the buds lower on the branches. From here it looks like you have at least 2 weeks. This was taken a little over 2 weeks before harvest.


I feel your pain

Wait a while


Thanks, I appreciate the advice. It’s been a lot of fun. I should have started growing years ago. There’s no problem in waiting a few more weeks to amber up a bit. As they say, slow and steady wins the race.


I’m only hanging out here so far just making a plan, and that is how I feel

So excited about this site and the route my life is about to take

I have some ffof and a seed. Now just time to clear some space and spend some cash


You should start feeding again, you have several weeks left.

Once the white pistils start turning brown you have about two weeks to go before trichomes will start turning and you will be close to done.


Welcome to the community Very nice ! You still have about 4 weeks let those buds continue to fatten up. She is still pushing a lot of white pistols.

Nice and frosty and great colors.
Is it a NL. I had one NL plant that had a lot of color and she gave me two generations of clones

Mmmm that gonna be so sticky

This is a NL I harvested 8/2020
This is one of the first I cut. 128 total days, day 73 on 12/12
The flash washes out the pistils

Close up. Most of the pistils have turned and receded. The few white ones are from new calyx growth / slight foxtailing.

Gotta have trichome shot

I keep fairly detailed records. For me, I would be lost if I didn’t keep track a couple dates I find to be critical.
Sprout - first real leaves - start counting days
Flip - the day I switch to 12 hr light cycle. Photoperiods of course.
First flower - when I can recognize pistils and the formation bud buttons a couple days later (confirmation)
And finally, the day we all wait for - harvest.

Point of reference. This is it day 49 on 12/12 - 24 days earlier

I think you have a good 3 to 4 weeks to go.

I loved this plant. Very light producer but great color and unreal trichome production. Cut day

trichomes a week+ before harvest


Welcome to the forum, I’m right behind you with a few Northern lights. Good luck

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Like everyone has said you should most likely wait, but it does depend on the high you are looking for.

I am looking for a heady/couch lock combination so I want a mix of cloudy/milky and amber trichomes on the calyxes. My GSC auto has been very slow to change from clear trichomes to milky and now transitioning to amber. I am heading into the end of week 10 and I estimate another 2 weeks maybe more if the transaction continues at it’s current rate.

I use my iphone with a inexpensive macro clip on lens for my photos. The issue with this setup or any macro setup is depth of field is short. Also you need to be very close and keep the phone still so I put the phone in a tripod to steady it.

Also it would probably be good to know the difference when harvesting with clear, milky and amber trichomes.

Per the article: Always make sure you look for these percentages based on the trichomes on the calyxes, not on the sugar leafs (Sugar leaves often turn amber more quickly).


I Disagree. There’s no benefit to chopping as it is right now. It’s too early to even be considering trichome maturity. There’s still more to be produced not to mention the weight you’ll pack on in the last weeks before the end. Harvest now and you can have some larfy buds that give you a buzzy headache or wait.

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@Deez So you disagree that there are different highs if you harvest at different trichomes colors? I was trying to provide complete information to the grower not just a yes or no answer. It’s always good to know why.

I did say they should probably wait in that sentence. I also provided photos showing where I am at and that I am still waiting for those bigger buds (with more amber trichomes) you describe as you and I seem to be on the same page regarding harvest time.

Nope didn’t say that. Just that harvesting at this juncture is a bad idea.

Cool as I agree with you and don’t believe I said they should harvest now either. So I guess we agree after all. :smiley: