Northern Lights - 45 days flowering - almost?

Hi Guys,

This is my first crop,
The tricomes are let say 40-45% going brow,

I Took a few of the Trimoces


How long more do you guys think i should wait? , and is there any tips i should follow ?

i read something to stop feeding them for the last 2 weeks,
i will flush it today,
I’ve seem on Youtube, some people leaving the plants for the last 2 days on the dark.

do you guys do that?

Thank you,

They looked like they have at least 4 more weeks , two weeks of feeding and two weeks of flushing .

Agree with “yoshi” with no scope harvest when 80% of pistal’s trun brown/amber. Also remember the suggested flower times a breeder states - one can add 2 -3 more weeks of growth. The (breeders) are cultivating under perfect conditions’ Also many grower’s count the Pre-flower stage in flower times which is incorrect this can also add 2 week to harvest

I have to have them cut by 01/05 they cannot be where they are after that.
So i actually have 3 full weeks to go.

Do you think i can do something to make it a bit faster?
the tricomes are still pretty much the same but pistal’s trun are getting brown quite fast when checking day by day.

What steps should i take from now on, knowing that i have to cut it on the 01/05?
What is the thing i cannot miss on this last stage, even if i take to cut them one week earlier?

Sorry for these many questions… that’s my first crop not too sure what to do…

Thank you for your time!

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Uhh ill read about it…
Dont even know what pre-flowe is. heheh

here it says 45-50 days of flowering - my plants are 46 days today - Ok my lamps are not that great…

Ill have a look into this… thank you steve2

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Given your timeline I’d grow them for two more weeks, flush them for one week and then cut them

Edit: Because you need to rush them you can increase the dark period to 14 hours if you wish @tchopa

-good luck

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Here is marijuana grow stages:

Germination stage - 1-2 weeks
Seedling stage - 1-2-weks (generally 3-7 days)
Vegation stage - 1-2 month’s (can be longer if want - 60 day the norm)
Pre-flower stage - 1-2 weeks (generally 7 days)
Flower stage _ 1-4 mos’ ( 60 days being the norm) Depends on strains cultivating>
Harvest !!! _ hope this helps

Flower time starts once you switch to 12/12 cycle (pre-flower) and then once you start to see bud development - start counting your flower time

Also there are 3 stages of flower - early ,middle and late stags and each requires a different N-P-K

Hope this helps !!!


Thanks man… they are already on 13-11 for 10 days now… i think ill do the 14-10 just to make sure i can cut them …

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Good info bro!! i already copy+paste onto my spreadsheet heheh… maybe next time ill do better


Always good to help someone - Thanks !

Is it still clear?
Looks milker than before but not sure how long left… what you guys thing?


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2-4 more weeks ?

Hi Yoshi…
Thank you

I have to cut it down next week for personal reasons.
What actually will happen to it? will i still be able to cure it?

i don’t what to just throw it away… you know… will i be able to smoke it even if its not fully developed?

This is same plant different buds

Starting to see some amber in some of those trichs which is a good sign, give them as long as you can and then cut them and dry and cure as you normally would. By the looks of it, it will be excellent smoke. As long as all trichombs are milky then you can harvest, from that point on I understand it’s more about personal preference of what kind of smoke you’d like. The more amber, the more couch lock. All cloudy and hardly any Amber is more of a head high. Lovely looking buds anyway!

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Thanks BondPacker…

Just another question…

After i cut them off and hang them up… i have to wait until i can snap the stems (thats what i read) - usually 3-7 days - after that i can put them in jars and and try to keep humidity around 60-65%, and keep it for another 1-2 weeks!!

Does that sound right?

anything else you guys would do or wouldn’t do?

I am in the same boat about rushing it a little. I know, I know but I have to have a surgery and I will be off my feet and no one to care for my Janey. My trichs are cloudy but no Amber. I wanted head high anyway as I am naturally couch locked :wink:
I will begin harvesting in about an hour and have things all set up. However this weed turns out I am sure it will be better than a lot of the stuff I have smoked in exchange for real money and the effort has been enjoyable. Unfortunately for me and due to family situation this will be my one and only grow. The smell at end was too much for the rest of the household. I am keeping my stuff (tent, light etc.) for a while incase I get a clearance or an idea on how to practically vent the exhaust outside. My carbon filter arrangement and exhaust into the room worked until the last few weeks. Oh well I will post my yield on here which I expect to be about 4 ounces after drying and curing.

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You can cut a hole in the Sheetrock ceiling to the attic , only if you know how to fix it , say if you guys had to move that way it’s not so strong thru out the house , but regardless if it’s grown healthy , it’s gone stink I promise you .

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Yep I would trim as much as possible while they’re drying, I prefer trimming the leafs off before drying over trimming once they’re dry but each to their own.
Once the smaller stems snap that’s when your good to go. Get airtight quart masos jars or 1litre jars same stuff, make sure they’re wide mouth. If you don’t mind spending $20 get a couple hygrometers. They’ll tell you the exact humidity inside your curing jars. The longer you cure the better, mines been curing a couple weeks now and smells just getting better and better. There’s a great article on curing I’ll see if I can find it and post the link

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They have strains that have low odor, maybe give one a try? Good luck on your surgery