Northern light worried

Hey everyone,

I hope I can have some help/opinion on the state of my newly born plant.
Is a Northern Light auto from RQS which I am growing indoor. Here are the general specs:

  • Northern light Auto
  • Method: Soil Canna terra professional
  • Vessels: Pot
  • PH of Water measured every time between 6 and 6.5
  • Indoor
  • 400w hps
  • Temps; Day 28-31, Night 25/26
  • Humidity; Day between 44 and 55
  • Ventilation system; Yes
  • AC, Humidifier, De-humidifier -Humidifier
  • Co2; No

As you can see from the pictures it looks quite down. Usually it gets worse when lights are off and better when lights are on, but still.

It’s the third week since germination and I started providing nutes 1ml A B’cuzz soil and 1ml B B’cuzz soil. I started from this week to water 2 times a week up to a max of 1 later of water every time. The pot is 18 liter.
Here are the pictures:


Usually leaves drop down when lights are off! It is her rest period. Pay attention to overwatering. Happy growing.


I agree that it’s a possibility that you are over watering you need to let the top inch or so of your soil get dry before you water them. You can’t just water on a schedule because you will almost always over or under water. Your plants will sleep when the lights are off and should stand tall right before the lights come back on, they learn the light schedule


Allow to completely dry. Dry to the point that after your leaves come back up they will droop because they are so dry. Water and your good. Roots grow in search of water so unless you allow it to dry you won’t get full potential of your plants.

Hope I didn’t ramble. Just did some rso and hitting the vape


She look nice … I third the overwatering which could be the Droopy leaves. Just keep an eye on it under and over watering have same effect unfortunately. Keep it green :v:


I need help please!!! Growing autoflowers Northern Lights indoor grow tent. Please see pictures. I can’t figure out if deficiency or burn. I have flushed the plant to no

avail. Prior to the flush I was giving half the recommended dosage of nutes about once a week and everything was fine until the flowering stage and the leaves started going crazy. I feel like the whole plant is going to die. Very upset. I have never posted to a forum before so please bare with me. Thank you for your help.

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Also, my second plant that was slower growing is now beginning the flowering stage and the leaves once again are starting

to get crazy! Please see picture of second plant

Looks to be heat and possibly nitrogen burn. In flower you have to back off the nitrogen because they slow down on making leaves and will eventually stop making them all together

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Thank you for taking the time to reply to my post. I am using a Spider LED. Do you recommend turning down the dimmer? Thank you.

And the second one looks more like a ph fluctuation problem which could have added to the problem of the others as well. Alot of different things can look similar to something else which makes it hard to diagnose with just pics. I’m trying though it’s not my intention to confuse you with multi thoughts

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I use spider farmer as well… what distance do you have it hanging… I don’t think it’s a light problem or at least completely because light burn is generally on top

Thank you guys for the advice!! I ll be extra careful when I water it then! I am not following a schedule, usually the soil gets dry in 2/3 days and then I water it again. A thing that makes me a little worried is that I have never any run off of water from thee bottom of the pot. Even though I have holes on the bottom and on the bottom side of the pot stil anything. Could be cos it is absorbing all the water but still not too sure about it.


@fed. When u water for that small maybe do a cup of water and water about 3 inches away from the main stalk. Just a circle around the pla t and see where it goes from there. Get to know the lot weight with dry dirt in it so u can give a pick up and know if she is dry or moist still. They r super easy to overwater at this point. Let it dry good as the boys said for a day or 2 and see if the leaves go limp again from no water. If u notice them droopy again then give a cup or 2 and 20 minutes she will be back up

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hey Mark thanks for the advise! I ll be extra careful and be sure to follow them all!
It looks better though, still haven’t water it since I took the pictures and leaf seems better. Just a bit worried about the size, looks like is not growing in height at all but might just be a bit too early.

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Once harmed in any way they will most of the time stop growing until they get better and it’s always a good idea to lift your lights whenever there is a problem to give em a break while they recover this includes after trimming or training just give em a day off they will recover faster. Also a leaf will not get better once it’s damaged so look at the new growth for improvement, I know your leaves are not really damaged but it’s something good to know. I’m not talking about droopy leaves either they will most of the time perk up… they do look good and healthy other than the obvious droop… good luck

hey everyone, following my latest post here is an update with new worries.
I am posting pictures for still the northern light plus a fat banana auto from Rqs.
The northern light is 32 days old while the banana 28.

this first pics are from the Banana, where you could see that it has started flowering but also the some bottom leaves are getting yellow and I don’t know if that’s normal or I should worry about.

this other pics are from the Northern Light, her leaf are still droppy but it gets better during the day, atm light just turned on… Enough to said I am not sure if she’s holdin fine or no. Also you can see some spotty yellow leaf at the bottom as well.

As per nutrient I am following the nutrient shedule from Atami b’cuzz at half strenght and just slightly started to increase it.

Hoping someone experienced can take a look and tell me If I should worry about or I am more or less on the right path.


Looks like you’ve spilled water on it and maybe grabbed it when moving the pot? :man_shrugging: More experienced folks will probably know if it’s something more than that.

that’s encouraging! Hopefully is just that…


Old leaves die and fall off.

As long as new growth looks good you have nothing to worry about if a few leaves at the bottom die off. Those bottom leaves typically get trimmed off anyway.