Northern light autoflower smell during curing


What is the normal smell of Northern lights autoflower during the curing process. They originally had a sweet citris smell now after a couple days in the mason jar it has taken on a black licorice smell. Im concerned because i had found a small amount of bud rot on the top section a cut it out as well as took the top down after not finding more as it was ready to havest but have kept it that section away from the rest. I can not see any mold on the buds but dont know what this stuff should smell like during curing


When did you place them into a mason jar? Were their stems brittle before you removed the flowers from the stems? If so, how often are you you opening the jars to let them expel any moisture that is being pulled out of the middles of the flowers.

I am guessing you placed them into jars too early, or are leaving them sealed up for too long before opening to vent out moisture. You need to remove them from the jars right now and spread them out to vent out the moisture. Let them sit for a couple hours before smelling them. They should smell like they did when you first placed into the jars. Then it is ok to place back into jars. Then you need to be venting the jars by removing the lids for 30 mins or so, a couple times a day until they no longer have a strong musky smell to them.

If you cannot get the musky smell to go away you might have ruined the flowers. Next time remember to be venting them frequently at the start of curing until they smell the same every time you open the jars.


Keep letting the gas off. Twice a day for a week or so. Bad assed couch lock weed it is. Best pot ever. Or, one of the best. Though a Boveda humidipack in there too. Great reefer!


The stems broke clean and the buds felt super dry. I may have left the sealed too long but have opened them up and let them sit for 10min. I will take them out and let them dry more. I have used one of those pacs that control moisture. The rest of the plant is still hanging and not dry. The humidity here is brutal for the next few days hopefully with the air flow i have and the dehumidifier going all will be good. I am super concerned about mold!!


They have a lemony scent when curing. I usually grow 2 NL autos each time. I use big glass decanters from the dollar store and a big 58% or 62% Boveda pack to keep the moisture in the buds stable long term.


Been getting the sweet citris smell but then today i opened the jar and it was more like black licorice…i have since removed them from the jar to dry some more, hopefully no mold! I have broken open a few buds a scoped them and im not seeing mold only what looks like crystals…


You just have to burp your jars more often 2 times a day is what I do for a few mins then close it back up I do every 12 hrs or so


Thanks! I will do that. It smells better today.


I did two as well but the second pne seemed stunted. I just trimed the fan leafs the trichomes are turning cloudy but i have never seen pistils develop like the other. Also leafs are not turning like the first one.


Looks to me you are going to have some fine weed!


Thanks, i think this one might turn out better than the first even though this one was slower to grow than the other one. Overall seems this one is healthier, but this is my 1st grow so learning alot!!