Northern Light auto x 1, SourHound Auto x 1, Silver Haze x 1, Blackberry Kush Auto x 3, Grand Daddy Purp Auto x 1, Blue Dream Auto x 1


Haha. I just read the other update. ~2 lbs of high grade buddery. And here you are with a fast head start. Maybe not @BIGE ‘s but you def are my hero :wink::rofl::joy:


Looking good dude, should be another solid grow.


Well well well I’m your hero :thinking: let me think on that. I’m not ready to be a hero maybe in another year or two then so but I still have a little milk behind my ears.

That’s what I’m hoping for another great grow


Notes on strains I’m growing

Silver Haze Auto

SourHound Auto

Northern Light

Blackberry Kush Auto


Here’s a 2 day update of this grow




Silver Haze is alive and thriving


Here’s and update on my black berry kush Auto all dropped in bubble bath on 9-8-18 so 12 days ain’t bad for them and all under qb320 at height of 20” above them. I’m letting them grow into the lights and they seem to be loving it thus far



Now the northern Light auto was dropped in bubble bath on 8-26-18 so 25 days from seed just gave her her first full dose of nutes today after starting her at 1/2 strength Monday. She’s sitting under a qb260 at 20” above pot

The sour hound Auto is thriving and only 12 days old from her bubble bath on 9-8-18

The silver Haze Auto is a few days younger having her bath on 9-11-18 and she’s only 9 days from seed.

All of my babies were started out directly in foxfarm ocean forest soil and lived only under these qb boards. Hope you enjoy the update

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I also will be moving to new house next summer my lease ends here end of May 2019 so my last grow needs to be wrapping up by mid/end March to allow for landlord to allow people to walk thru house as potential renters. I’m going to drop a grand Daddy Purp Auto and blue dream auto the 1st of October and these will be the last for this grow and until I get into the new house. Hopefully all I harvest last me until I get in new house and can get up and running. I have right at 2lbs laying around now with additional plants going now I should have enough to last. That’s if I don’t get to generous by giving away


@Onlythebest79 I know there is a reason, but why did you plant those so close to the edge.


I LST my plants heavily to keep them from getting to high. So I bend my plants over towards the other side of pot and every shoot on my plant gets light and will grow nice bud. Also it helps the plant grow even and you can tie down whichever shoot you want to stay even wit the rest. Take a look at my NL she’s tplanted just like the newborns but reaching for the other side of the pot all my plants are short with dense buds and light penitrating all way to soil on all plants

I hope you can see red writing and arrows pointing to shoots and main colas. Eleven shoots I missed some and the main cola is still growing outward to other side of pot


@Onlythebest79 That is what I thought. Great Job. Have you ever tried mainlining



Yes I have I’m actually mainaling a trainwreck now. I’m about to update that thread in a few minutes. I’ll tag you in on it


Well I’ve added the grand Daddy Purp and blue dream to the mix and dropped them in their own bubble bath

Here’s their forever home awaiting them along side all of her cousins silver Haze, sour hound, blue dream future home, northern Light

Here’s black berry kush, grand Daddy Purp, black berry kush, black berry kush

Hope you enjoy

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Nice! They’ll be ready to go in no time.


Also here’s growing description of my autos if anyone’s interested

grand Daddy Purp Auto

And my
Blue dream auto


Silver Haze - Sour Hound - Blue Dream - NL autos
Waiting on Blue Dream to poke her head up

Blackberry - GDP - Blackberry - Blackberry autos
Waiting on GDP to show her head any day now


I’m so excited as both GDP and Blue Dream decide to poke through and say hey to the world overnight


Blue Dream

I’ll probably help both of them getting their shell off later today


As stated above about shells being removed well they have and both are starting to open up and enjoy the QB boards

Blue Dream



Here’s a little bud porn hope you like

Trainwreck :steam_locomotive: photo mainlined she’s a thirsty lil booger

Tent with four autos

Silver Haze couple more days before I top her

Sour Hound Topped

Blue Dream

Northern Light

Other tent with autos

Blackberry Kush Topped

Granddaddy Purp

Blackberry Kush Topped

Blackberry Kush Topped

We are in cruise control now hope you enjoy

@dbrn32 @Big123 @BIGE @MattyBear @peachfuzz @Zombo @Screwauger @PurpNGold74 @MAXHeadRoom @Dr.DankThumb420


I very much enjoyed that update! Beautiful ladies homie! :v:


You got it all going on and all in great shape. Great growing @Onlythebest79


Hey , your using QB boards aren’t you? :thinking: