Northern light auto close?

Northern light auto at 7 to 8 weeks. Is the browning leafs something to woory about? (Noticed yesterday) or is she just turning ripe?


Isee quite a lot of burnt leaf tips you should start easing back on the ppm levels. You still have a few weeks to go yet. Give us some details on your set up , ph etc and we can be of more help.

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Beleive it or not no nutreints used other than bone meal for recent low calcium. They are in VT compost fort lite soil which may have too much nutreients for auto flower. They are on a grow tent with a phantom 315W CMh reflectir lite as high as it will go. The light is 12-24 inches away from top of plant. I use to adjust water ph to 6.5/6.4 until i tested the run off at 5.4 so now its going in at 7.0 -7.5. This one plant has always had yellow tips pn the leafs but this recent thing is different i have moved the plant from under the grow light. The others seem fine.

I wouldn’t worry about tips unless it spreads the brown leaves are just the plant pulling all food into making buds I hate to say it but your 3-4 weeks out still still lots of white“Pistils” .Do you have an way to look at trichomes like a jewelers loop or magnifier 45x or stronger.

Yeah they are clear at the moment. I check them everyday. Thanks for the help, hopefully all is good.

the bone meal is the cause of the burnt tips.