Northern California - Dream Queen, SFV OG, Sour Diesel Lemon


I started an indoor grow from locally purchased clones. Started with 2 each of Dream Queen (Green Crack), SFV OG, and Sour Diesel Lemon. I try to finish with 4 plants in my 3x4 grow room, and already pulled the smallest runt (a Dream Queen). Five plants is really too many, but now I’m into the scrog so I can’t pull out a bucket. My choice is to let them fight it out, but I can still cut out growth that’s interfering with the others.

My starting lineup.


Enough veg, starting flowering cycle (12/12).

Some leaf curl, just this spot.

My grow room is a 3x4 closet built in a garden shed. I have about a 7 foot ceiling, the walls are glossy white, and I use a tarp as a door. I put in a tile floor but no drain. I have one Sun Systems 315Watt LEC lamp, plus some 4 foot fluorescents for additional side lighting in bloom. For veg I run the lights 18 hours On, 6 hours Off. My flowering light cycle is 12 On, 12 Off. I try to keep the 315Watt light about 18 inches above the plants.

I make my own organic soil; this run is ProMix HP (peat), worm casings, bat guano, chicken manure, lime, Ironite. Using 7 gallon pots and 5 gallon buckets with large saucers to catch runoff.

I had hundreds of black fungus gnats mostly dead on the floor, hatched from the soil. There was condensation on the walls giving too much humidity and moisture. I treated the surfaces with Neem oil and also spread granular pellets of Bt-i (Spinosad?) which treats for mosquitoes and gnats. I hung sticky fly traps to catch anything that lands on them, but I’m not seeing alot of flying bugs. Adding better ventilation with an inline duct fan.

I thinned out the leaves and small growth below the SCROG screen. The plants have been topped, and trained to cover the SCROG level completely. I’m watering every 2 days and checking pH about once per week (when there’s runoff). Targeting for a pH of about 6.0 in runoff. I have added CalMag but no nutrients yet.


Nice they are gonna take off when you switch the light


Off to a great looking start. I’m about to start my 1st ever scrog. I’ll be watching your grow.


Those are looking great considering the crowding you have going on. I had the same issue with my first grow. Had 2 WW autos, 2 Gold Leaf, and 2 Mexican bag seed in a 4 ft by 4 ft by 81 inch tent. I am thoroughly convinced that even though I had awesome air circulation throughout the tent that the crowding led to my plague of spider mites. Good luck. I am going to keep an eye on your grow :green_heart: :seedling:


Two weeks from harvest. The crowding (5 plants in a 3x4 room) is blocking light to the lower buds, also getting powdery mildew even though I have 2 big fans and an inline exhaust fan.

For the powdery mildew, I was spraying Serenade bacillus twice a week, but recently was told that Serenade is a preventative, not a fungus killer. So I just started spraying White Wash multi frequency water, recommended by my local GrowBiz shop. I don’t want to abandon this crop, 2 weeks to harvest, with some large colas which you can’t see because they are bent over. The powdery mildew looks like snow.

I might harvest early, if I can’t reduce the mildew. All the buds will be washed in peroxide solution before drying. And I plan to clear the room and sterilize everything before my next grow. Also looking into making a DIY sulfer burner to add to my tools.

Lessons Learned: Don’t overcrowd your space. Control moisture in the grow room, empty the standing water in the trays, spray at the first sign of mildew.

Question: I see recommendations for changing clothes, washing hands, sterilizing tools, to keep powdery mildew spores out of the grow room. Do people really do this?